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How to Boost Social Media Presence as an Online Seller

In 2012, an average internet user like us had just three social media accounts. Fast forward 6 years, and now an average internet user has 7 social media accounts. These facts and figures must be enough for any online seller who sells stuff through TrueGether or marketplace sites like eBay to realize, social media presence is essential than ever these days. It is also a fact, more than 90 percent of buyers trust social media before making any purchase decision. Well, most of them also trust peer recommendations.

If you are an online seller who recognizes the importance of social media platforms but you need advice regarding how to boost social media presence as an online seller on sites like eBay, then you should just keep scrolling.

Here are some tried and tested social media tactics that would redirect sellers to you.

Use the Right Keywords

The world of SEO and search engine rankings primarily revolves around the keywords. You would be wise to consider them as a key part of your social media strategy too. Create posts where you can easily sprinkle keywords without being obvious about it.

Do some keyword research and analyze the keywords used by the competitors to know what keywords will lead the customers to your online seller profile.

Boost Social Media Presence

Minimize Sales Pitches

Though sales numbers are the heart and soul of any online seller, you should realize that if your social media posts are full of sales pitches, the customers won’t be interested in you. So, keep the sales pitches to a minimum and share content that is worthy of time and attention of your existing or potential customers.

For instance, if you are selling shoes, don’t just write about what shoes you offer. Instead, write about how the elderly should pick the right shoes to avoid falls. It will indirectly market your products while providing valuable information to the customers.

Seek Reviews

An online seller is nothing without good reviews. So, make sure that your customers review you on various social media platforms. Customer referrals and word of mouth are still powerful when it comes to online sales. In cases where your customers are reluctant to leave reviews, you can incentivize the offer to leave reviews by offering an exclusive discount to them.

Boost Social Media Presence

Make Your Social Platform Presence Visible

If you are on the social media as an online seller, don’t forget to promote it. The simplest way to do that is to add social sharing buttons such as Facebook’s Like button to all the product pages. This will ensure that all the customers are tempted to like you on social media and become your loyalists. Also, make sure that whenever a customer leaves a review, he or she can easily share it on his or her social media platforms. Moreover, many platforms let you use social media to promote products, for example, this Facebook Commerce

Boost Social Media Presence

Create Amazing Images

Copying images from the free image providing websites is not unusual because everyone is doing that as a part of social media strategy. You should strive to be different and create images from scratch.

Doing so will also allow you to add your logo to the images or make the images as detailed as you want. Even the product images can be tactfully shared on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. You can also prompt your customers to share an image by holding contests.

Join in the Conversations

There is no point in having a social media presence as an online seller if you don’t interact with your customers to get their valuable feedback. Make sure that you do talk to customers and respond to requests, compliments and even complaints in a swift manner. You should also join groups about the products you are selling as it will let you know of the latest trends, keywords, hashtags, and conversation topics that are gaining popularity.

Organize Live Sessions

If you want to talk face to face with your customers to give them a feeling of being connected to you, you should organize live sessions on social media platforms such as Facebook Live. During the live sessions, the customers can ask questions in the comments, and you can reply to them live. This makes the customers feel connected to you so make sure you answer as many questions as possible.

Boost Social Media Presence

Produce Quality Content Constantly

Quality content is original, simple, short, sweet and flawlessly encapsulated. Make sure that your content meets all these parameters. Also, you need to ensure that you post the content consistently. People don’t trust the online sellers who are active on social media during the holiday seasons only. Be there throughout the year, and you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Try Paid Methods

In case you are a new online seller who is facing difficulties in creating a brand, the simplest and most effective tactic you can do is to invest some money or switch over the business with almost zero investment. Two most reliable ways of doing that are paid advertising and connecting with influencers.

In paid advertising, you invest in an ad and link it to a product page to ensure conversion. In influence marketing, you pay an influencer with a good number of followers to recommend your products or online seller profile on his or her social media accounts.


The long and short of it is boosting social media presence as an online seller to sell items is quite easy if you work hard on it. You will start seeing the results in a few weeks or months if you don’t give up hope and try all the methods mentioned above one by one or simultaneously. Good Luck!

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