5 Different Types of Event Tickets and Why You Should Use Them

When it comes to selling out an event, the sort of tickets you’ve put up for potential attendees is more or less the determining element. You can ensure that there is something for everyone by having a choice of ticket options at varied costs. The majority of people have decided not to attend at least one event because the ticket price was out of their price range. Then there are some who enjoy certain aspects of the event but are unwilling to pay a high price for the complete experience.

We’ll go over 5 different ticket categories in this post to help you increase registrations and sell out your event.

  • General Admission Tickets

These are tickets that grant participants access to both the event and the normal event activities. The more exclusive event events, such as lunch, a meet-and-greet with famous visitors, or an invitation to the after-event party, will not be included in this ticket, depending on your event ticketing strategy. Only choose this ticket type if you have other more exclusive and costly options, such as a VIP or All-Access Pass. Attendees who want the whole experience can purchase a more expensive ticket, while others can get a basic admission ticket.

  • VIP or Luxury Tickets

These are all-access tickets, as the name implies, that provide you access to all your event has to offer, including unique workshops, events, and networking opportunities that aren’t available with regular admission tickets. It depicts the type of premium experience attendees may expect from your event, particularly when compared to ordinary admission tickets. Another advantage of VIP tickets is the low number of no-shows. Attendees who spend a lot of money are more likely to attend the event than those who don’t.

  • Early Bird Tickets

This is one of the most frequent ticket categories, and you’ll find it at practically every event with a tiered ticketing system. These tickets are frequently discounted and only available for a limited time. The goal is to encourage prospects to join up right away rather than waiting until later. The reduction, along with the limited-time offer, makes these tickets appealing, particularly if you’ve been selling tickets for a long time or they’re rather costly.

  • Reserved Seating

You may provide participants the choice to pick and reserve their seats for seated events such as fundraisers, banquets, or concerts. Reserved seating may be a wonderful incentive even for regular events, especially if you have well-known speakers or entertainers. You can charge more for seats closest to the stage and lower the price as the distance between the stage and the audience grows. Many event management and ticketing software packages provide options that allow you to add floor layouts and costs. Attendees can select their seats and pay the appropriate amount during checkout.

  • Group Package Tickets

Group packages would be beneficial to both event organizers and attendees for events with a huge audience or pricey tickets. It implies a larger crowd for the former and a cheaper rate for the latter. Create group packages with discounts so that more people may attend your events. The higher the discount, the larger the group—for example, a discount of 20% for a group of 3-5 members, a discount of 25% for a group of 5-10 people, and so on. This ticket option is especially ideal for business-to-business events and academic conferences when entire teams are expected to attend.

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