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Studying the family history, and tracing the lineages is what all Geneology broadly covers. For this purpose, genealogists tend to use oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and various other available records to compile information about a family and further demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members.

The outcome of the research by genealogists is generally displayed through charts or written narratives. The field of family history is vast than genealogy and covers lineages along with family community history and biography.

What does Genealogy comprise?

Genealogy, in general terms also called family tree, contains information about the descendants of a person. On the other hand, family history is something that traces the ancestors of a person. Although, these terms are often used interchangeably. In family history, other information such as some biographical details, family traditions, and similar things may also be included.

Family history and origins are shaped with various motives, it may be a desire to know about a place for one’s family in a broader historical picture, or a sense of responsibility for preserving one’s past for their upcoming generations, or maybe for self-satisfaction in accurate storytelling. Genealogy research is also intensely performed for scholarly or forensics as well.

Genealogy: an overview

Genealogists sometimes gain expertise in a specific group, for example, a Scottish clan, a particular surname for a one-name study, a small community like a single village or parish, such as in a one-place study, or entirely based on a person who is famous. For instance, Bloodlines of Salem, an example of a specialized family-history group. It welcomes people who are willing to prove descent from a participant of the Salem Witch Trials or the ones who can simply choose to support the group.

Genealogists and family historians often tend to combine family history societies, where beginners can seek knowledge and learn from researchers who have great experience and skills in the field. Such societies generally are based on a specified geographical area. The members there may also index records to enhance the accessibility or get engaged in advocacy and other efforts for the preservation of public records and cemeteries.

There are some schools that make their students engage in such projects for reinforcing lessons regarding immigration and history. There are several other benefits as well, which include family medical histories with serious medical conditions that are genetic or hereditary.

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“Genealogy” and “family history” are the terms that generally are used interchangeably, but there exist a few entities that mark the distinctions between the definitions of these terms. The Society of Genealogists, using the terms interchangeably, define the term genealogy as the establishment of a pedigree by extracting evidence, from valid sources, of how one generation is connected to the next” and family history as “a biographical study of a genealogically proven family and of the community and country in which they lived”.

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