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5 Winter Wears That Every Guy Should Have

You must have heard the famous line “winter is coming”. It is true winter is actually coming and you have to prepare yourself for this season. Well, look in your closets and check whether you have a new collection of sweaters and woolens. Are your sweaters stylish enough to give you a perfect look because winters hinder our style and reduce our choices?

The biggest problem that guys face is what should wear and what types of winter wear should he own because there are numerous choices in the market and he faces problems in deciding the right one. Here in this article, I have brought up some great choices of sweaters for you to reduce your tension you may get sweaters from free Shopify alternatives.

  • Pullovers

The pullover is the first choice when it comes to sweaters for men because it comes with good variety and when you go shopping, you surely will get a pullover section in a shopping mall in the men’s clothing section.

There are mainly two types of pullovers.

  1. a) V- neck

You must have seen people wearing this sweater around you on a formal occasion because it gives you a professional look and it is more of a dressier version of a crew neck sweater.

  1. b) Roll Collar

this type of pullover also looks very similar to the former ones as it covers your neck completely but the collar in this type gives you a classy look and this one can also be worn on a formal occasion.

  • Turtleneck

This is my personal favorite so I would recommend you guys to purchase this one if you don’t own it because it seems that it goes in and out of the fashion but it always remains in the trend and never looks old-fashioned. Turtlenecks can be worn under leather jackets, sportscoats, or heavier sweaters if you need extra clothes in colder months.

  • Cardigan

When you hear cardigan then you may think that it is for women but you are wrong because cardigans are for men too and you should have them for various occasions whether informal or formal such as office meetings, parties, dates, or trips with friends. It comes with an open front so it will look great over your shirt and a tie, with trousers and oxford boots.

  • Crew Neck

The crew neck is the T-shirt type sweater that is more versatile and can be tried differently. It is an essential item for your wardrobe because it comes in various patterns, colors, and fabrics, if you want you may buy dozens of these and wear different ones on different days. It can be worn at home and outside too. You may wear it with jeans, cargo pants and with dressier trousers too. If you want then you may try it under jackets, or over t-shirts, it will look all the same.

  • Athletic Half-Zip

I know you all will be doing exercise and going to hit the gym daily so you need something to wear during working out sessions because you can’t wear the above-mentioned sweaters to the gym that’s why I suggest you take this one.

It is made of polyester and nylon, which is comfy, breathes better, and helps sweat from your body. They are perfect for your workout.


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