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Ace Up Your Style With Men’s Boots And Jeans!

A great pair of jeans plus a pair of decent, durable men’s boots are the ideal building blocks for any solid all-purpose winter ensemble. If you do this correctly, everything else will go smoothly. It seems simple enough, but there are a lot of variables for something so fundamental, and as a result, there is a lot of space for sartorial gaffes. We think that some guys never wander from their faithful shoe, even in the darkest depths of winter, because doing so has a unique way of making the wearer seem comically disproportioned.

But you shouldn’t let that discourage you since everyone can pull off boots with jeans if they have a little bit of style know-how and a few go-to outfit combinations. Here, we examine the insider tips as well as a few foolproof clothing suggestions to get things started.

Basics of Wearing Men’s Boots With Jeans

Strike A Balance

It’s essential to keep everything in proportion if you want your boots and pants to go together. Wide-leg denim and low-profile Chelsea boots, for instance, are never going to go together nicely. On the other hand, wearing drainpipes and large, bulky winter boots isn’t a smart idea either.

Instead, always check to see if the fit of your jeans and the design of your boots go together. Although a straight or loose fit may be preferable for some chunkier boot forms, a slender leg is often a safe option. As a general guideline, you shouldn’t wear your jeans if they don’t fit comfortably over the top of your boots.

Bust or Cuff

If you’re Jeremy Clarkson, it’s perfectly OK to let the bottom of your pants hang loosely over the top of your boot. But everyone else ought to sprinkle in a few turn-ups. The key to pairing boots with jeans and making them look decent is cuffing. It modifies the leg’s line a bit and establishes a distinct boundary between your jeans and footwear. However, keep in mind that larger cuffs might make your lower half look shorter; as a result, if you are shorter than average in height, adhere to smaller turn-ups.

Consider the Colour

There isn’t much that can’t be worn with boots and jeans as far as color combinations go. But it’s important to understand that some color combinations work better together than others in order to really make an outfit pop.

Unless it’s black with black, stay away from anything that matches too closely. Generally speaking, lighter denim looks better with lighter-colored boots. Dark-brown shoes with stonewash denim, for instance, can jar. With dark or raw denim, pretty much anything is OK.

Should I Tuck My Pants?

Men have struggled with the dilemma of whether or not to tuck their pants into their boots since they first started doing so. Let’s put this to rest once and for all: don’t do it. Your pants shouldn’t ever touch the inside of your boots unless you are an active-duty member of the military or in a manufactured boy band from the early 2000s. Once more, cuff them at the hem and put them on top. In a perfect world, they should break just above or around the ankle.

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