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7 Trending Products : What to Sell Online in 2019

According to an estimate, the e-retail revenues will touch 4.88 trillion USD by 2021. This statistic is enough to let an e-commerce seller know that the opportunities to earn revenue are countless. If you are an online seller who is looking for trending products to sell online in 2019, then your search ends here. Once you know the right products (some of which are mentioned below), all you need to do is market them right and have the drive to succeed. If you do that, nothing will stop you from achieving all you want.

Wireless Phone Chargers

Many people complain that they feel like pets on a leash when they have to spend a lot of hours charging their phones while using them. A perfect solution to this problem is the latest innovation, wireless phone chargers that are a huge hit in the smartphone accessories industry. As the number of mobile phone users in the US alone is going to be 277 million by 2020, finding buyers for the wireless phone chargers should not be a problem. Even sourcing the chargers won’t be a headache as you can import them from manufacturers directly or dropship the chargers to your e-store.

Phone Lenses

Another accessory that’s ruling the hearts of millions from all over the world is phone lenses that allow people to capture better photographs in a hassle-free manner. When stocking these up, make sure that you select better quality products with more order volume. As phone lenses have ruled the hearts of people since a couple of years and have no intention of being out of vogue, investing in them is smart. Even now the lenses are among top-selling products of several top dropshipping stores.

Child Leash

Targeting the parents, especially the parents of young kids is a piece of cake in a world where a parent can do almost anything to keep the kids safe. You can make the most of this opportunity by investing in child wrist leashes that will help parents, especially mothers to keep their child with them when they hit the mall during a holiday. Adding the leash to a kid’s wrist is simple and sensible especially if a kid likes a bit of adventure and wants to wander alone. The child leashes are particularly popular with young parents in the US who are  aware of the the child safety and with them at all times.

Smartphone Friendly Security Cameras

Security cameras have become a necessity in modern times, especially given the fact that there are 4500 home burglaries in a day in the USA. But now, the old-fashioned security cameras are replaced with smartphone-friendly security cameras that allow a person to view the footage on a smartphone just with an internet connection. While selling them online, target people in the neighbourhoods where the invasions are high, and people have many valuables to protect. If you pick a reliable product, you can have a healthy margin when selling them online.

Posture Corrector

Health is wealth, and more and more people agree to this saying now. One of the marvellous inventions that help a person to stay healthy is a posture corrector which is necessary for most people these days. Stats say that about 80 percent of jobs in the US are now sedentary or require only light activity. Again, the potential target market is full of customers who want to stand straight and tall while supporting the spinal cord. Make sure that you optimize the landing page of your seller account or website optimized with SEO keywords because most people are searching posture corrector on search engines.

Cat Brush

If you are a pet lover and you want to stock products that pet owners will love then you need to know about cat brushes. These are an awesome invention that solve the problem of cats shedding their hair all over the floor and anything else like furniture. Cat brushes have gained popularity since 2016 and they are not losing their loyal audience. In fact, more and more pet owners are seeking this wonderful product and are willing to pay more for a durable and long-lasting product.

Minimalist Jewelry

Last on the list is not a specific product but a category of products that are interrelated. The world of fashion and luxury is changing at a rapid pace and consumers are moving towards minimalist jewelry that looks amazing and is not too heavy or flashy. These jewelry pieces can be worn anywhere and anytime so, one can always carry them easily. When seeking the audience attention towards minimalist jewelry, an online seller should create product videos as post them on social media platforms like Instagram. While picking the jewelry avoid anything that’s too fragile or needs a lot of care and prefer simplicity over contentiousness.


It is quite clear that the demand for unique, innovative and useful products is expected to rise in 2019. When choosing any of the products in the above list, make sure that you find products that are cost effective, easy to source and ship and non-seasonal to ensure that you can provide the products to the customers year around in a hassle-free manner. Good Luck!

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