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Six Important Steps for Reselling Toys Online for Money

Toys mean good company, relaxation, a learning experience, and fun to kids. But the hard fact is that children soon outgrow their toys either because they get bored of them or they are not age-relevant anymore. As a parent, you would want to clear out child-clutter from the attic, basement, playroom, and everywhere else at home but are not sure how to go about the process. Most people would opt for donation as a way of getting rid of the toys that are no longer useful, but reselling them online for some decent cash would definitely not hurt.

Here are six important steps that would guide you accomplish your goal of reselling toys and games online quickly.

Organize and List the Clutter

The foremost thing a parent must keep in mind is to get all the toys and their dismantled parts in one place and sort them out. Sorting involves categorizing the toys based on their type, functionality, and age. You may need to list them separately to help you identify and prioritize each toy for reselling. For example, if you have superhero toys, LEGOs, and racing toys, then, you will need to create three categories and list them under the relevant category. You could sub-list the toys based on how old they are, or based on their worth. This way, it would be easier for you to list them online as well and you will not have to create a separate list later on, which is double work.

Segregate the Missing Parts

This step is particularly helpful for board games. You may discover that many pieces have gone missing on your Monopoly or Cluedo boards, but still want to try your luck on reselling the game board set. In this case, you could segregate the board and the pieces and resell them separately for a slashed price. Some online buyers look for missing gameboard pieces on marketplaces that resell products. You never know who would buy your gameboard pieces from you. Sometimes certain pieces may be broken, but you could sell the toy with a disclaimer that the toy has a particular defect and also provide a good discount for the same.

Cleaning and Packaging

Shabby and dusty toys are not attractive, are they? When you resell toys online it is absolutely imperative to ensure that these are presentable and as good as new when it comes to the packaging. The packaging could be simple, but the toys need to be clean and good to go. It is all about making an impression on the buyer so that they would come back for more toys from you. Wiping the toy with a dry cloth and a very gentle cleaning solution should do just fine. The packaging should clearly have a label that mentions the important details of the toy like its origin, weight, and the contents of the package. Please ensure that you package the product exactly like the way you have featured it online. It is always better to bubble wrap the toy(s) before you put it in a box to avoid any damages during transit.

Evaluate Each Item

This is the most important part of the process. Once you segregate and put the toys out in front of you, the crucial task of evaluating their prices that you would list online follows. You will need to recollect what you had paid for the product while buying it or you may have to do some online research in finding out the current value of the product(s) that you aim to resell. Under-pricing is definitely out of the question and overpricing the product(s) will lead to more bounce rates on your product listing page. The best ways of doing right pricing of the items would be to either resort to online sources where the same product is being sold second hand, or to do your maths on the original price listing by discounting the depreciation rate of the toy from the original price based on the number of years that it was used. You could also ask some pricing experts online to help you out.

Document the Items

Documenting involves giving a valid description, mentioning the product specifications and special features, plus uploading high-definition pictures of the product in as many angles and environments as possible. A valid description should contain the brand of the toy, who it is meant for, in what way it would be useful, and any other important information about the toy like where you bought it, why is it special, and many other important aspects that would help attain the buyers’ interest in your product. Be sure to provide important details of the product specification like its dimension, weight, the materials used, etc. for a better idea about the product.

List the Products on the Right Platform

You will need to find one or more selling platforms for listing your product. It involves in-depth research with regards to the demand on these platforms, their internal policies, and the listing fees involved. Some platforms like TruGether do not charge for the listings and have very little commission margins, which would give you an opportunity to cash in more by reselling your products. Be sure to inform the buyers about the shipping and delivery charges and terms on the product checkout page. Transparency is key for a rewarding business experience. You could also use social media to showcase your product and the related offers. Please ensure that the return policy that you approve is justified and hassle-free.


You will need to study the buyers and pursue them via email reminders or personal messages to buy your products. The pre-holiday season is the best time to focus on selling your products with good discounts and offers. You could also offer low-cost products as freebies to attract customers. The opportunities are endless in reselling toys online, you just have to find the best one. Toys are fun and reselling them must be made a fun process too.

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