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Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum in Coimbatore

When speaking about museums, the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum of Coimbatore is unquestionably an important tourist spot in the city. You can catch the Nanjundapuram road, which is 7 kilometers from Gandhipuram; in order to head towards the awestruck museum, where it displays artifacts from both the Old and New Stone Age. It is situated near Sreepathy Nagar in Ramanathapuram which is close to the Karpagam garden therefore it is within city limits and easily accessible.

When going into the details, the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum has quite a unique collection of artifacts from the Stone Age which are displayed and includes stone tools and urns. Moreover, this museum is known to be famous for holding many items which are related to the well-known Kongu-Chola period which is taught in many history books. You can get all sorts of antiques from sites like Shopify so do check them out!

It is interesting to note that the Egyptians conserve their belongings along with their bodies inside mummies which is quite similar to the people of Tamil Nadu. Wherein, they too, believe in the fact of reincarnation and rebirth after their death. Therefore, they save their items along with their bodies in a large “Thaali” which is known as a pot-shaped urn. There are many items on display that are housed in the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum which are excavated from areas such as Perur, Poluvaampatti, Vellalar.

On an interesting note, there is even an ancient displayable slab that contains the commands issued by the King during a reign. This slab was being excavated from the Udumalapet town in Tamil Nadu. In addition, the museum holds many vessels, coins, sculptures, etc., which were being used during the ancient periods.
For those interested in the operating hours, visitors are allowed to visit the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum from 9:45 AM to 5:45 PM on all days including weekends except government holidays and festivals. On a similar note, adult visitors would need to pay a charge of 5 rupees each and 3 rupees for each kid. This is definitely a worthwhile experience as the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum is in fact an inexpensive place to learn, be educated, and have a good time with loved ones. There are no special events held here but the Museum holds a special place in peoples’ hearts.

Who would not want to visit a place to learn more about a particular nation’s history? With a calm and soothing ambiance that fills the museum, visitors can spend many hours awing the beauty of ancient artifacts and take a glimpse of archaeology.

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