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Top Five Beneficial Ways of Buying Directly from Wholesale Suppliers

How to Buy from Wholesale Suppliers in USAWhether you are an online seller or a buyer in the USA, buying directly from wholesale vendors is much economical and beneficial than buying from other online retailers. Other than the discounted wholesale prices of products, it gives the buyer an up close and personal experience with the quality and the specifications of the same.

While there are multiple ways of procuring the products from wholesale vendors, the following methods are the most followed ones in the USA for direct procurement.

    • Drop Ship Wholesale Suppliers

      Dropshipping is a preferred method of doing e-retailing these days. It does not require owning an inventory by the merchant, paying heed to fulfilment obligations, or spending on associated expenses and overheads like warehouse rent, products maintenance costs, packaging, returns etc.

      If you have a good customer support and logistics infrastructure, then nothing like it to sell at retail prices online. The procurement cost will be much lesser and the product cost will be marginal, which is the icing on the cake.

      Dropshipping suppliers are great for providing products that are seasonal in demand or have high demand in every season. Dropshipping suppliers can be approached if you need readily available products and your capital investments are not that high.

      You could mix and match the product selection on your online store or at marketplaces like eBay or other eBay alternatives by buying a variety of products from multiple Dropshipping wholesale vendors. It is always a good idea to verify the legitimacy of the Dropship suppliers before taking a call on dealing with them.

    • Domestic Wholesale Suppliers

      The fastest and the most cost-effective way of wholesale product procurement is by contacting and buying from domestic wholesale suppliers within the USA. There may be a million options to choose from and the wholesalers usually take care of inventory, importing, and warehousing needs. They may have established themselves locally and would also have all the licenses needed to run their business after product quality checks. The only effort to be put in by online retailers is ordering for the products which would be delivered at their doorsteps. Travelling to other destinations can be avoided and the products can be checked in person in the USA which saves time and money. Google Search Engine would provide all the details to approach the distributors of the desired products who are in touch with the wholesale supplier at multiple locations. This way any deficit in product count can be fulfilled through other locations where the product(s) is/are readily available which leads to stock balancing. The best part is that products may be offered to you between 25-50% discounts off MSRP. Wholesalers who do not impose a minimum purchase order threshold must be chosen over others who do.

  • International/Overseas Wholesale Suppliers

    Some e-retailers might be on a lookout for exquisite and exclusive merchandise that may not be readily available in the USA or might be exorbitantly priced due to their rarity. Sometimes the labour cost to produce the item(s) may be too high to handle locally that’s when they go the extra-mile with international trade. Overseas procurement in wholesale may prove to be fruitful at times like these. Though this method may require an immediate capital investment that is high, the break-even would prove to be more beneficial in the long run. Once the retailer has clicked with the overseas supplier, the rest is a cake walk. There is always a possibility of connecting over Skype calls or emails, while occasionally having a face-to-face rendezvous will definitely help in checking for product(s) quality, finalizing the prices, forming a legal contract, and forming a permanent partnership when your aim is a long-running online business. Again, the warehousing, exporting, quality check, and packaging is done by the vendors, while the e-retailers need to deal with US customs at the receiving end and deal with the legal formalities locally.

  • Local and International Trade Fairs

    Trade fairs are not just a golden opportunity to display one’s product line to the world but grab a one-on-one with international and local wholesale dealers of some exquisite products. At trade fairs, the rules require the wholesalers to maintain a company catalogue and portfolio which are cross-verified before permitting them to exhibit about their line of work. Multiple vendors would be present at the same location which could help toggle between them to find the best man to do the job for you. The wait time is reduced to zero when you can touch and feel the product(s) or get a sense of the vendor offering. Immediate meetings can be confirmed or purchase orders can be booked on the spot. This is called instant purchasing. You could even explain the nature of your business in detail directly to these vendors who may suggest the best alternatives for your business requirement.

  • B2B Online Marketplaces

    Online marketplaces should not be ruled out completely when It comes to direct wholesale vendors. Sites like Alibaba and GlobalSources are good options considering the time frame of your order fulfilment. If the volume of goods is smaller, then these B2B marketplaces can give you the fastest service with a marginal discount on products. The non-requirement of an inventory and related overheads is a big advantage, while logistics and customs are handled by the order fulfilment centers of the sites. Though most products may require a minimum order quantity in some sites, sometimes keeping surplus stock is a plus. The selection of vendors is large while their legitimacy needs to be verified through some personal investigations and scrutiny. You could even place a sample order that is returnable or exchangeable in due course if the quality or other parameters are not met. Based on this experiment future vendor selections can be done. Some sites may deal exceptionally well with electronics, while others may be the hub of great quality clothing and accessories. You can toggle your loyalty based on the type and quantity of goods you need to satisfy your own customer demands.

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