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Celebrating a Wedding or any Formal Occasion Adds Up to the Excitement Level!

Celebrating a Wedding or any formal occasion adds up to the excitement level!

Ever wondered where the phrase “tying the knot “emerged from? In Celtic, Hindu, and Egyptian cultured weddings the hands of the bride and groom are actually tied together which signifies the strength of their bond and their commitment towards it. The groom takes the bride across the threshold pledging to dauntlessly protect her from the evil spirits.

The exact date marking the origin of marriages is yet unknown. It’s a very ancient practice dated way beyond recorded history. It was practiced by people of various cultures, ethnicities, and belief systems all around the globe.

The unique bond between the bride and groom that is celebrated through their wedding is beautiful. Entering an absolutely new phase of one’s life with the person who you love is pure bliss. The presence of the whole family and friends, the blessing of the almighty, and the elders act as a cherry on the top for the bride and groom. The excitement of getting dressed up, clicking aesthetic and crazy pictures with your squad, and most importantly the free food is unmatchable!!! Then there are the lazy ones as well, who have to be given serious threats by their parents to attend the weddings but they surprisingly tend to enjoy it and the main reason behind it is obviously the finger-licking dishes!

All this seems fun but the current conditions of COVID-19 had a huge impact on these events. Differentiated perspectives were observed, some couples were happily celebrating with their close ones and they even postponed their weddings whereas there were couples who postponed their wedding for the sake of having a grand celebration with the entire family. People felt grateful that they got to spend more time with their close ones.

People had great dreams about their marriage but this unimaginable pandemic blew them off. Yet it’s a blessing that you have someone you love by your side despite all the negativity!

Too stressed about being overdressed or underdressed? TrueGether got you back!

The bride has all the rights reserved to overdress and so does the groom! This makes them stand out from the crowd which they totally deserve! Whether it’s the beautifully designed heavy lehengas and the sherwanis or the elegant white dress with an extremely long veil and a fit tuxedo for the handsome groom, they’re allowed to load themselves with whatever they desire; the finely carved and designed jewelry, necklaces, chokers, nose rings. Coming to relatives and friends, the most important concern is to avoid looking over or underdressed! TrueGether, the online store, contains a wide range of clothes, accessories, shoes, and many other wedding essentials. The groom, bride, and even the guests could find amazing attires of their choice too at an affordable price! During this pandemic, you can easily choose from the enormous variety of outfits, ornaments, and gifts from the site while comfortably enjoying your coffee on the couch.

Talking about jewelry, a wedding ring has to be the most precious one. It symbolizes the bond of love and commitment. It’s quite weird that in early times this ring signified ownership, it symbolized that the groom owns the bride and this “business” was done by the bride’s father by “giving away” his daughter. Although, now the tables have turned, and rings are also valued in a much more positive and adorable manner!

 The only time when stealing is fun for everyone…

In Indian tradition, there’s a fun game between the in-laws of the groom and the bride. The brides’ side tries to hide the footwear of the groom whereas, the grooms’ side has to guard the shoes. This sounds interesting but the groom has to pay a great amount if his squad fails to protect his shoes. There’s nothing to worry about, TrueGether get your back! Buy two pairs of shoes and you are good to go!  Ditch your in-laws and play smart.

Finding formals during the new normal, quite a risky task! Here’s an alternative!   

Formal occasions are marked by significant events. People get together to celebrate each other’s success and congratulate them. Having companions who get twice as excited as you for your achievements is a blessing and to celebrate this with them is a great feeling. Unfortunately, this pandemic has set us apart but people are still connected through social media and they have video chats to celebrate with their loved ones. One has to be well dressed to receive compliments even for the video chats, and for that, the planning of the outfits starts several days before the event!

After spending a lot of time deciding your outfit, the actual and most difficult task amid the pandemic is to step out for shopping. Isn’t it way more convenient to surf online and compare the variety of attire without leaving your home? Just type what you want, compare, finalize and then flaunt!

Formal occasions sometimes tend to dictate what you wear, restricting your dressing preferences. In formal events, there are certain protocols to be followed, but we are a generation of people who love to admire the creativity and appreciate differences, and refuse to accept the old ways of dressing. Thus, adding a bit of extra touch to enhance the elegance and grace by staying within the protocols is a way of flaunting your imagination and putting them into reality! TrueGether gives an opportunity to you all for exploring your creative skill! The site contains an enormous number of items such as rings, watches, chains, clothes of different and innovative styles which you could use as an accessory that would enhance the beauty of your outfit and help you fetch much more compliments and appreciation. This online store is definitely an alternative to eBay. It offers its products at the lowest possible cost. Even if you order from the other side of the globe, you’ll receive it as soon as possible! TrueGether also guarantees the safety and security of your personal details. TrueGether makes life easy, you can buy a dress while having a pizza that’s cheesy!



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