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Medicines are an important part of our lives – Let’s know more about them!

The history of the evolution of science and medicines and enrichment in knowledge denotes the way various societies have transformed their approach towards the treatment of various illnesses and diseases from ancient times to the present. Ancient traditions of medical treatments include those of Babylon, China, Egypt, and India.

During ancient times there wasn’t any source to extract, mix and match certain chemicals and solutions to form various types of medicines as we have now developed. The natural elements were used earlier for the treatments. Although, there is not yet a specific date found that would mark the establishment of usage of plants for medicinal purposes. Plants, grass, as well as clay, and soil were used as healing agents during ancient times. As times changed, through emulation of the behavior of fauna, the knowledge, and skill to practice medicinal treatments developed and were spread worldwide between generations.

Medical treatment was practiced along with magic!

There was no considerable difference between rational science and magic for the Mesopotamians. The doctors of that time prescribed both magical formulae recitation and medical treatments for curing illnesses. The earliest prescriptions were in the Sumerian language and are dated back to the third dynasty of Ur. Dated back to the Old Babylonian time are the Babylonian texts based on the medicines used at that time. The most extensive text among these was the Diagnostic Handbook written by a chief scholar. This text introduced the practice of diagnosis, prognosis, physical examination, and remedies. It also consists of several medical symptoms and detailed observations of certain diseases along with the ways used for its cure. This text was based on a logical set of assumptions and it also includes a modern view towards the patient’s illness. Its possible causes, symptoms, observations, reactions, and treatment with the help of plant extract, therapeutic bandages, and other natural elements were all in the texts.

In Ancient Egypt, we find a huge variety of fruitful medical traditions. The Egyptians are described as “the healthiest of all men, next to Libyans”. The region had dry climatic conditions and consisted of a very well-defined public health system. They had physicians who had specialized in healing only one specific disease! This seems to be a very unique yet effective ideology. These Egyptian physicians dealt with the diseases mostly through their supernatural powers, yet there were developments in the fields of anatomy, public health, and clinical diagnostics.

Some insights to the origin…

The sacred text, Atharvaveda, belonging to Hinduism is considered to be one of the earliest written Indian texts that had details about medicines. The text consists of prescriptions of several herbs for ailments. This usage of herbs for the treatment of ailments further became a large part of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a term that means “complete knowledge for long life”, it is also one of the most famous medical practices of India. The earliest foundations of Ayurveda were built upon a synthesis of traditional herbal practices with several therapies dating from about 600 BCE onwards. It came out from the communities of thinkers including Buddha.

Unani medicine, an alternative to Indian medicines, found deep roots and royal patronage during medieval times. It gained significance during the Mughal rule and in the Indian sultanate. These Unani medicines are very pretty close to Ayurveda. Both these medications are based on the theory of the presence of various elements in the human body.

China, one of the most developing and systematic countries, also had developed a large body consisting of traditional medicines. These medicines and their theories were mostly influenced by Taoist physicians. These reflect the classical Chinese beliefs and practices.

After so many debates and discussions, the traditional methods of curing diseases experienced developments and were often moulded as per the increase in various types of diseases.

Changes in the renaissance 

The Renaissance era brought to focus upon the scholarships to Christian Europe. Immense hard work was put into the translations of Arabic and Greek scientific works into Latin. Due to these practices, Europeans gradually gained expertise in ancient writings of the Roman and Greeks, as well as the contemporary writings of Islamic scientists. During the late centuries, growth was visible in fields of experimental investigations such as dissection and body examinations. All these practices helped in the advancement of human anatomy and gave a better understanding to the practitioners.

We wish you great health!

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