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Christmas Marketing: 20 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

Christmas is now not just a few weeks but a few days away and we know that as an online seller, you are looking for tips and tricks that would help you to succeed in winning more customers and generate more sales.

Just like buyers like me wait for these holidays like Christmas and New-Year, sellers also look forward to this season. During this season, experienced sellers are found to make the full use of the holidays because they understand the concept of the holiday selling for example, what a customer needs, how to create a demand, which brand is he looking for and a number of things.

Christmas Marketing

We have listed 20 tips to increase your online sales that must be a part of your Christmas marketing strategy. Here they are:

Plan Right

The first thing you need to do to invigorate Christmas marketing as an online seller is to analyze your current inventory and prepare a list of things you need to buy to meet future demand. Read the last year trend data to make a better decision, for an instance, look at this data provided by Hitwise:

Christmas Marketing Tips

Set Stock Alerts

Customers don’t like picking a Christmas gift for a loved one only to realize it’s out of stock. Avoid such a situation by updating the stock alerts. Here in this situation, it is always advisable to opt for that marketplace which provides you with the feature of  Stock Alert and Multi-Channel Inventory Management, by this you do not need to change your stock status at every website. 

For example, you sell your products on TrueGether, eBay and Amazon, you come to know that your stock for any product has been sold out, all you have to do is just upload the status on TrueGether and TrueGether will make sure that your stock status gets updated on the rest two platforms as well.

Get Rid of Some Products

It is also a smart Christmas marketing strategy as an online seller to get rid of unpopular and out of stock products. It will ensure that the customers don’t spend time on something they won’t or can’t buy.

If I talk about this in detail then, let us assume that you willing to buy a product and I offer you something else which is not at all relevant to what you are looking for. Would you buy my product? NO. You would not buy my product and above all, you would never wish to visit my online store again because you have a picture in your mind that I do not sell products what you look for.

Take Deadlines Seriously

No one ever likes belated Christmas presents. Make sure your customers don’t face such a situation by being as precise about the deadline as possible. It’s always smart to set a long date and deliver early than setting a short date and delivering late.

Offer Varied Delivery

Provide more than one delivery options to the customers. Let them avail options like home delivery, collection point pick up or in-store pickup whenever possible. If you follow this way, you would find that you are addressing to a major audience who are seeking different alternatives to the delivery options what your competitors are offering.

Provide Free Miniart/Miniature

If you want to charm your customers this Christmas then you can gift them Christmas mini art/miniature along with their order to lure the ones who are looking for Santa this year. Probably you may lose few buck or grand here but at the end of the day, you will gain a customer whose first preference is you from now onwards. 

Christmas Marketing

Gift Wrap Everything

Allow your customers to save a few bucks by gift wrapping everything they buy during the holiday season. It will add a smile to their faces.

Christmas Marketing

Use the Keywords

Christmas, Christmas Sale, Holiday Shopping, etc. are a few keywords that you need to incorporate into the online seller page. It will lure the customers right to your store. These keywords are searched most during the Christmas period and using keywords like these will help you become more visible. You can use tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to get more accurate keywords.

Be More Visible

If you have the resources, approach a few price comparison websites to promote your products and pay them a percentage of your profit. It’s a win-win situation for you, your customers and the price comparison websites.

In the nutshell, it is all about promotions. It is profitable to showcase yourself on various review website because websites like TrustPilot and EcommerceBytes has good traffic.

Sign up on Many Online Marketplaces

An effective Christmas marketing strategy you must know as an online seller is to sign up on different online marketplaces to increase your reach. For instance, if you have signed up on eBay and you are not generating enough sales, you should try sites similar to eBay for selling like TrueGether.

Be Available

Believe it or not, Christmas is that time of the year when customers are more likely to get agitated if they don’t get the product they expected. So, you should be available to answer all queries and pacify agitated customers 24 by 7. Hire a Customer Service team or associate to lend you a hand.

Deliver Customized Solutions

Customization is the key when it comes to Christmas Marketing as an online seller. So, make sure you add lovable messages to every gift you deliver to make the customers and their loved ones happy.

Make Sharing Easy

Prompt your customers to share the Christmas gifts that they have bought from your store on social media. It might encourage the customers’ friends and family to visit you as well. Make sure you add share buttons for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at least.

Existing Login Access

Allow the customers to use their Facebook or Google account to log into the e-commerce platform. This saves time. Even if you want them to register manually, keep the registration form short and sweet to save customers’ time.

Check Page Speed

Make sure that customers are able to filter, pick and buy products with just a few clicks by checking the speed of the website regularly. The more customers have to wait during the Christmas shopping rush, the higher would be the chances of abandoned carts.

Reward Loyal Customers

You should reward loyal customers this Christmas and offer them a special discount or coupon codes. It will make sure that they come to you whenever they even think of buying a Christmas present, not just Christmas presents, it will make them look for you even when the holidays are over.

Send Reminders

Send holiday season reminders via emails and newsletters to make sure that the customers don’t forget to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Reiterating the time left, such as 30 days to go is a smart idea.


In essence, it can be said that Christmas Marketing is very easy for online sellers if you know what you are doing and you are eager to walk an extra mile to please the customers. The more love you shower on the customers during the holiday season. The more likely it is that they will stick to you throughout the rest of the year. 

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