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Cool Your Room With The Chill Of Tcl’s Fall-Winter 8000 Btu


The TCL 8000-BTU Window Air Conditioner provides superior cooling performance with the added benefit of high energy efficiency. A powerful cooling system, the TCL 8000-BTU Window Air Conditioner can help your home stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter without having to turn on a furnace.

TCL’s fall-winter 8000 BTU range has gained popularity among consumers because of its quiet operation, efficiency, affordability, and ability to maintain a comfortable environment in even the most narrow spaces in the home (TCL, 2009).

The TCL 8000-BTU Window Air Conditioner is a high-efficiency, energy-saving unit that uses a natural refrigerant (propane) as its energy source. The unit’s high efficiency makes it very energy-efficient, which is quite important in the current energy crisis.

Designed to easily attach to the wall, the TCL 8000-BTU is a beauty, and it’s our most energy-efficient window air conditioner. It’s also one of the quietest.

What features are offered?


  1. Cooling – This expert-level air conditioner offers industry-leading efficiency and up to 10 times longer-lasting capacity than traditional systems. 
  2. Power blower – TCL 8,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner features a variable speed blower and a 10-stage compressor and can cool as much as 40 square feet. The TCL 8,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner has been a top-seller for over 30 years and is known for its quiet operation and outstanding air-conditioning performance. Install it in the coolest room of your home today and experience improved comfort and efficiency as a result.
  3. Wifi control – The air conditioner is equipped with Wi-Fi control which enables a convenient controlling option.
  4. Saves on energy – The model is efficient in conserving energy.  It really helps in conserving the power and keeps the home bill as low as possible. Using an Intelligent Energy Scale for Homes and Buildings mode, you can save even more energy than with a traditional mode while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. In this Mode, you can save even more energy and reduce your environmental impact by using the most efficient appliance for each energy use.
  5. Voice assistant – This air conditioner provides a voice assistance which is really helpful in operating. You can just assist the unit with your voice, even if you cant carry the remote with you everytime.


The TCL 8,000-BTU Window Air Conditioner will keep you cool and in control. Cooling up to 350 square feet and utilizing two 4-way directional vents for 8-way airflow, this unit lets you cool where it is most needed. 


You’ll get low energy bills with TCL’s energy-efficient window AC units. Additionally, Sleep and Eco modes help you save energy while staying comfortable. It also reduces large airborne particles such as dust and pet hair, extending the life of your portable AC. Set up is a breeze with the included instructions. 


As soon as the unit is set up, the LED display makes controlling it simple while the included remote lets you control it without ever getting up. Your home deserves to be enjoyed the way it was intended. We got this at very discounted rates only at sites like Shopify, but free


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