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DVD Retrospective: The Lost Era

Looking back on something from the past can evoke nostalgia, and one has to ask what all nostalgia erases from our minds. I have a DVD player that no longer works, but we keep it as a memento of the past. Back then, life wasn’t easy, especially when it comes to finding methods to entertain oneself. My father never had a cable connection for our house because he believed that television would corrupt his children at a young age. After much persuasion from my older sister, he caved in a little and we both compromised. He promised to send us a DVD player instead of a cable. CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes were all commonplace in middle-class households at the time. We were ecstatic to be able to enjoy a movie on the big screen without interruptions from commercials.

My father’s DVD player was to become a new way of life for us. Movies have always held a special place in my heart since they provided an outlet for me to cry when I didn’t have someone to talk to. It’s fantastic for kids who don’t have any pals because they can just turn something on and be entertained. For us, watching a movie used to be a spiritual experience. Every weekend about 9:30 p.m., Doordarshan screened one film, which lasted till 11:30 p.m. with the addition of commercial breaks. We weren’t allowed to stay up as late as we did. It was a dream come true to have a DVD player. I’d dash to the local CD store to pick up movies and, on lucky days, ice cream.

It’s sometimes impossible to recall anything from the early 2000s. Everything appears to have infiltrated our consciousness with the sole purpose of erasing the past. This isn’t to say that we can’t recall a period before Google, but it’s tough to imagine ourselves in those shoes again. Everything is easily accessible, and we don’t have to work too hard to achieve what we want. In the Alsatian Sea, the Postmodern world is run over the phone. This is the bright new world of TikTok and Instagram Reels, which endure as long as our attention span allows. I often find myself reminiscing about my childhood and movie days. This leads me to wonder if the world we live in is essentially devoid of joy. I don’t believe so. When we look back, I believe we tend to remove a lot of the negative aspects of memory in order to preserve the beauty of nostalgia.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a DVD player in an electronics store. They don’t keep them as often as they used to. However, we might be able to find one online, on sites like Shopify or elsewhere. I’m not sure who would buy them in the first place. Someone who wants to reignite an old memory might buy it and try to relive a bygone era, erasing their childhood memories in the process.

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