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Five Appropriate Casual Work Outfits for Women

A laid-back work concept is in vogue and being embraced by corporate cultures around the world today. Researches have revealed that creating a flexible work environment leads to improved employee productivity, reduced stress and better business development as a unit.

Our focus here is going to be on the casual dress code inculcated by many organizations in an ethical and standard way, which is one of the factors that makes employees feel comfortable in their own skin and clothing while on the job. A key fact about many companies and organizations that allow employees to dress casually is that they don’t see clients or customers directly. Even in the organizational hierarchy, the current culture does not demand attire code adherence based on the employee’s designation. Although the employees’ comfort is important, professionalism is never compromised upon. Read about Essential Work Wears for Women in Office.

Let us venture into few of the appropriate casual work clothing options for women.

  • Chic Casual Jacket for Ladies

Tweed Fringe Jackets make for a consistent day to dusk casual pairing that never style-fade away. They come in a variety of options and can also be paired with denims, skinnies, flow tops, camisoles and anything casual.

They can be unstructured, structured, cropped, of waist-length, of knee-length, textured, tasselled, embroidered, layered, plaid, vintage, sequined and more. Dark shades can be accompanied by light shaded inners and vice-versa. Pastel shades though, seem most appropriate for casual work environments.

  • Get Peppy with Peplums

Peplum Tops create magic on any body type. They are comfortable to wear and have a feminine mystique to them. They come in various sartorial forms and styles like tank tops, gingham style, asymmetric, bow-back, striped, laced, crocheted, long-sleeved, sleeveless, collared, turtle-necked, ruffled, floral and so on. Pair them up with palazzos, skinnies, boot-cuts, flared skirts and more to get peppy at work.

  • Casual Pants to the Rescue

    Keeping it minimal does the trick most of the time. A simple definition of Business Casual is “A comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power.” Pants play a pivotal role in enhancing your look be it casual or formal and giving you the right office chic look.

    Denim and lycra skinnies, tapering pants and jeggings, either full-length or ankle length are apt for summers. Classic denims and jeans are always a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Culottes are a shorter breezy pants and seem to go well with plain semi-formal tops, ruffled tops and asymmetric tops. Fitted pants can be an alternative pick for a semi-formal look that is comfy.

    Crepe tapered pants can be paired with anything from cropped tops to T-shirts. High-Rise Flared Corduroy Trousers come in so many colour options and are the best option for fall and winter. Slim Crop Stretch Pants are your long-relationship pants that are easy to wear by just pulling up and they are low maintenance and go a long way to adjust to the way your body changes over time. Checked Side Striped Slouch Trousers can also be counted in the semi-formal league since mix-n-match with casual tops is a great idea. Stretch Herringbone Cargo Pants are a modern take on classic herringbone pants and are made to groove along while you keep it casually stunning.

  • Sensational Scarves for Women to Look Stylish

    Scarves a.k.a. neck-wraps, cravat, tippets etc. have become an essential accessory by the middle of the 19th century. It adds to the level of confidence and variability to your dressing style. The gamut of choices you have with scarves is unlimited. Scarves and Wraps for women can be paired with casual attire for that perfect off-duty look. Let us start with the square scarf, often known as carré in French it may be made of silk, cotton, wool, linen, satin etc. and can go impeccably with tees, flowy tops, tank tops and casual shirts and blouses of all kinds. They come in a variety of patterns and designs like abstract, plaid, floral, animated, animal skin, crochet, artistic print, monochromatic, pastels, geometric prints etc.

    Infinity Scarf or loop scarf is the one that is circular is shape and chunkier in appearance. It comes in cotton, wool and even fur. Mostly utilised in fall and winter, this scarf has dual purposes, that is it can be used for elevating your style and keeping your neck and lower face areas warmer. The rectangle scarf goes well noticed with casual pants are definite eye-catchers. They are easy to handle and wrap around. Some scarves come in knotted-end style and fringe-end styles which make them more desirable for casual wear. Triangle scarves are wrapped around to form a triangle highlighting the facial features. The fabrics that often make for good scarves are cotton, wool, silk, linen, chiffon, satin, cashmere, pashmina, acrylic and jersey to name a few. Hand-painted scarves are the latest sensation in many countries these days. Various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn.

  • Casual Cardigans for Stylish Winters

    Cardigans and Sweaters are usually light-weight and easy to maintain, while being stylish and decorous.

    They are also called shrugs in some places and offer ultra-comfort for professionals and can be worn over collared shirts, camisoles etc.

    Here are some of the well-known styles of casual cardigans:

    • Waterfall and longer length cardigans help give a narrow appearance for people on the wider side.
    • Waist length cardigans with waist detail or tie-up style detail at the waist are great to accentuate one’s waistline.
    • High Button style is great for winters for petite ladies, while wide collars balance wider hips easily.
    • Peplum style cardigans are great for almost everyone, while chunky knits go well for the skinnier beauties.
    • Lacy cardigans are great summer picks which go very well with cotton tops.
    • Bohemian style chic cardigans are trendsetters currently.
    • Kimono cardigans are the best example of fusion casuals.

    Long sleeves, short sleeves, batwing sleeves, puffed, fold-over and push-up sleeves are examples of sporting your cardigan sleeves. Pull-overs are also a great way to showcase the Christmas spirit at your workplace.

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