Five Statement Jewelry Ideas for Working Women

If you thought statement jewelry is overrated, think again as Bling is Back! More women are incorporating them in their daily work wear to complement their look and get noticed. According to experts, wearing minimal bijouterie is a bygone trend period.

Some strategic placement of sparkles can do wonders and keep any woman feeling adequately beautiful and confident. By statement We don’t mean pocket-ripping, rather something that grabs eyeballs and turns heads, that is quintessential and yet full of fun.

Here are 5 fail-proof ideas to rock it at your workplace:

  • Simpler sparkles make for more attractive pieces

    Working women prefer affordable crystals and semi-precious stones that notch up the style quotient of their formal attire. Swarovski comes in high price ranges as well as mid-price ranges. These neatly cut crystals come in varied colours and shapes and can be incorporated in charm bracelets, petite statement earrings and sleek neckpieces. Now you can mesmerize when you accessorize with a simple sparkle rendering the charm. Reversible charm necklaces are wonder pieces that can be exquisitely paired with the right earrings to give you that uber-chic look at work. A simple rope necklace can add enough debonair with or without a pendant. Hollow out inlaid crystal cube pendants are the new sensation and come in 18k gold and rose gold plated variations. Wearing just one bold statement piece without indulging in too much razzle-dazzle can elevate your look. The wise word would be “earrings”, use oversized studs or statement earrings to keep it classy and polished without being overlooked. Sparkly loops in sterling silver or gold-plated metal with mid-sized embedded stones can never go out of vogue. Statement finger rings, as long as they are not gothic are a good investment. Too many stones or too much sparkle are again inappropriate styles for work.

  • Pearl Indulgence can do Wonders

    Queens and women of power used pearls in the yesteryears as status symbols. Today pearls are the most favourite creation of nature after diamonds that can bring a smile on any woman’s face. Pearls have an understated charm that make them perfect for work and are definitely not ignorable which gives them an edge over diamonds sometimes. Some affordability can be associated with pearls along with their ageless charm. It is advisable to wear just one pearl accessory at a time, so please choose wisely. Pearl drop necklaces or single/multiple layer pieces are your best bet for formal and semi-formal ensembles, furthermore pearl necklaces for office wear should not fall past your bust line, and should complement, but not overpower your look. A great way to wear a long strand of pearls is to wrap it around your wrist, but make sure this accessory will not create any obstruction. Pearl studs, drop earrings and loops that are minimal are often stunners at work.

  • Go Green with Up-cycled and recycled Creations

    Recycled and upcycled jewelry can be aesthetically charming and environmentally rewarding as well. Many DIY pieces have taken the jewelry arena by storm. They are economic and interesting to say the least. All you need is the right creative sense and artistic calibre to make these statement pieces work. You could have jewelry intricately designed out of CDs, plastic bottles, straws and even camera equipment waste. Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. You can go from buying the most bizarre statement pieces to the most elegant ones for a formal as well as a casual work ensemble.

  • Add Versatility with Metal

    Not just versatility but variability can be brought in to your daily dress-up agenda with the sheen and durability of light-weight metal jewelry options. Metals can range from gold, Rose-gold, silver, copper, bronze or a supreme blend of these. Two-tone cuffs render relentless charm to any formal wear. Bohemian-style bib necklaces and bracelets have been instrumental in adding makutu to recent work jewelry trends. Likes of the hitchkey stud earrings and drop earrings in metal add geometric fun to your jewelry collection. While, sterling silver handcuffs and bracelets add special chic characteristic to your wrists such as metal Druzy cuffs, cluster cuffs, mesh cuffs, titanium bio-energy bracelets, Cabochon Setting Cuff and so on. Neckpieces whether vintage, Boho or contemporary in metal have always won hearts hands-down. Abstract designs have a special connect with metal necklace jewelry. Partial floral designs can accentuate the fun element of work wear. Collar neck pieces are another way of showing your bold personality at work. You can work them in a chunky avatar or in minimal magnificence. Including some chromatic splendour with semi-precious stones embedded can be a game changer for metal jewelry. Ultimately your neckline influences the type of neckpiece you should choose with comfort in mind be it sleek, chunky, layered or close cut.

  • Blended and Coordinated

    Blending the colour and texture of your jewelry be it neckpieces, earrings, rings, bangles or bracelets with your work outfits can create a covering and coordinated effect if your work environment is more reserved when it comes to flashy jewelry. Blues, whites, black, grey, dull greens and browns are the best colour options for blending perfectly with the conventional work wear shades. Most of the time accessorising is instinctive, but ultimately it is a balancing act. Doing a matchy-matchy theme is just too much repetition of a colour, theme or accent and it starts to look overdone and monotonous, which would be lacklustre. Even pattern matching creates a false sense of style. Subtle tweaks to same colour elements of jewelry like adding minimal sparkle or contrasting can be a good idea.

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