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Home Fragrances and Air Fresheners

Home Fragrances and Air Fresheners

Why do we need one?

Well, a bad or stinky smell is sometimes enough to ruin your room, no matter how beautiful your room is. And unfortunately, it is not at all easy to avoid it. You may have pets and hence the smell of their damp or mildew or you may have a person at home who cooks using smelly ingredients, etc. In all such cases, you must need an air freshener for your home.

There are several ways of making natural air fresh at home and the aroma of the flowers, herbs and essential oils will surely reduce the stinky smell and lift the spirits and calm your mind and also brings soothing freshness to any corner of your home.

Make an Air Freshener Yourself

For an immediate solution for a bad smell, you just need to fill up a container with water and add some fresh Rosemary and start boiling it. Then let it simmer for some hours so that the vapours can drift around the house by filling the air with scent. Now you can cool the mixture and pour the liquid in any spray bottle and store it in a fridge or you may spritz a little bit as required.

Ploughing the Flowers in the Morning

It is seen that it is best to cut flowers in the morning itself as they are filled with Sap. And it is right to select the stems having lots of buds and one open flower. You may even make scented bouquets.

Fragrant Herb Pots

It is always good to plant some herbs in your garden and when it comes to fragrance, there are certain fresh herbs that are scented such as parsley, basil, mint or sage. They are used for garnishing in cooking and you can even crush the leaves in between your fingers to get a sweet and spicy fragrance boost. You can also collect herbs from outside your house in the morning after the deal burns off (since oil is most potent at this time), and hang little bundles of those herbs around the house.