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How to Raise Creative Children?

Toddlers are the children who fall into the category of 1 to 3 years, and those younger than 1 year are called infants. If you are raising one of them, congratulations! You are living the best time of your life. Toddlers are wild, attention-seeker, and extremely loving creatures of god. Not to forget, creativity comes naturally to them too. We just need to give them a little guidance here and there. They are born superstars! It is so amazing for the parents to watch their tiny toddlers grow and take leaps and bounds. I am listing down some unique ideas to enhance their curiosity, creativity and motivate them for problem-solving.

• Build Them an Invention Box
I’m sure you would be having so many useless items at your home which are neither worth keeping or throwing. Well, now they will have a use! Take any plastic or shoebox and place these useless items in it. Make sure these items are children-friendly and super safe. You can keep old phones, old socks, straws, leftover pieces from any old game, etc. Now sit with your toddler and ask them to pick any one or two objects. Show them how you can create a new object using various old objects.

• Doodle Doodle!
Children love doodling. Well, all they do is doodle when given a pen and a piece of paper! You can use this as an activity for your child. Use different colors of pens and ask your child to doodle using different colors. Now reflect upon that doodling and see if those random strokes of pen form any shape or pattern. That doodle might turn out to be a dog or a mouse, based on what is in front of you. Soon your child will start taking the lead and show you how you do it!

• Build with Building Blocks!
This is going to be another fun challenge for your toddlers – ‘What can you build using these building blocks’. This game can do wonders in developing their thinking skills and make them creative. You can easily get a proper set of building blocks from TrueGether, which is one of the best alternatives to eBay. You can help them by starting to create letters like E, F, H, etc. Help them to build confidence with whatever they create. Soon they will be proficient with this amazing creative skill. You will be amazed when you’ll see how much your toddler has grown and developed.

• Let’s Finish the Song
Since our childhood, we all have been fond of rhythm and music. You can teach your toddlers popular classic rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ or ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’. After that, once they are aware of these poems, change the wordings and keep the rhythm the same and ask them to finish the song. See how creatively they’ll change the wordings themselves and use silly phrases. Such activity will develop the thinking skills of your baby and make them super creative!

Creativity can be learned and enhanced with proper skills and guidance from parents. Do your part and make your kids superstars of the coming generation.

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