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Home Surveillance and home security cameras

In recent years, home security cameras have seen a lot of changes in it’s technology. Security cameras have now become more affordable than before, available both in wired as well as wireless versions and is able to connect to the Internet in order to make it possible for you to monitor your property from near places.

What are home security cameras? How do they work?

Home security camera is a kind of video recording device used for capturing footage of your property or home or your surroundings that you can easily view either on a smartphone, computer or a tablet or anywhere with the use of an internet connection. Most of the home security cameras are motion activated and is easy to record while detecting motion. On top of that, they send an alert too. It gives a facility to even record 24×7 which is commonly known as continuous video recording or CVR. 

Security cameras is an excellent tool to provide home security and most importantly, the peace of mind that comes with it. 

Types of security cameras-

There are basically two types of security cameras namely- wired and wireless. Wireless security cameras use the WiFi system for transmitting surveillance footage to a server on the internet, which is cloud based. Hence, it allows in viewing the footage on any of the internet connected device. But there is a point to be noted that most of the wireless security cameras are not totally wireless as they are required to be plugged in an AC power through a power cable whereas some people use rechargeable batteries in its place.

Wireless security cameras are frequently identified as the smart cameras as they are known to be controlled with an application on our smartphone and can also integrate with the smart home systems and devices such as the Amazon Alexa, smart locks, Google Assistant, smart speakers and the smart lights. It provides the facility to analyse the footage and also provide insights like ensuring if there is a package at your front door, or if it is a person or may be an animal in your garden or backyard. 

While on the other hand, wired home security cameras are actually physically wired at an on site video storage device whether it be a digital video recorder or DVR or any network video recorder or NVR. Each of the cameras in case of wired home security cameras, contains a cable that runs to it from a local storage device both for the power as well as transmitting footage. Unlike the wireless security cameras, these security cameras do not use any WiFi connection but may get connected to any of the internet connections through an Ethernet cable to view the footage remotely.

Does these home security cameras work?

Working of the security cameras depend on what you are using it for. Like for the home security purposes, the cameras have been shown to the deter opportunistic robbers, who can go anywhere else if they get to spot any of the cameras. A study undertaken by the North California University asserts that the home security cameras were one of the most effective deterrents for the break ins with almost 50 percent saying that they may go for abandoning their attempts in case they see a camera. Nevertheless, a security camera is not as effective as you may think as to catch the criminals since they usually wear a mask or hoodies in order to escape.  

According to the vice president of the security consulting firm, security cameras do not work to that extent which we think. However, it does not imply that the security footage is of no use. Other than the security, you too have a peace of mind in knowing what is going on in your home the moment you are not there. Hence, the security cameras prove to be useful in serving this purpose. Having some features like the two way audio or night vision and person detection, it is easy to see and also speak to anyone in your home when you are away from your home or may be in other part of the house. Even an indoor camera may act as a pet monitor in order to keep an eye on your pet while you are at work. Infact, a camera built into a doorbell or a video doorbell, may also let you know whether your child or any person of your house made it to home from their workplace or school or not.

Security cameras

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How much does a security camera cost?

If we talk about the best home security camera having essential features like sufficient video quality (minimum of 1080p), night vision, motion detection, wide field of view and a two way audio system, then the price starts at as low as $ 59 for an indoor model and $ 100 worth an outdoor model right from Ring, which is one of the top rated brands of the home security camera companies.

Home Surveillance

Few years back, there was a time when the surveillance system that used to get operated on an analog technology which represented a breakthrough in the security and monitoring purposes for businesses almost everywhere. But now that the times have changed dramatically, the digital video surveillance system is now turning the analog technology to obsolete one. 

Implementation of the security camera or the home surveillance system is all about the protection of the assets of your company, including infrastructure assets, etc. Right from preventing theft to detection of customer movement pattern, this video surveillance systems offer the company with a variety of benefits.

What are the benefits of surveillance?

The analogue technology based video surveillance system has been used as the standard for security in various industries for over many decades. However, the technology  and it’s supporting software have improved a lot overtime, which made it a good time for business do get upgraded to a new Digital video surveillance system.

Some of the benefits of home surveillance include –

  • It reduces loss, theft as well as vandalism- As compared to the analogue system, it is an obvious advantage of a digital system that it provides a facility do capture as well as store more videos than the older analogue systems and the quality of the video feed is superior too. It offers a high definition clarity and much wider view angle. Hence, this improved video resolution and the coverage angles helps too save companies money and with wider coverage.
  • These new digital cameras can be installed in a more easy and faster way than those of analog system. Hence, it now requires less equipment and helps your security team with a more effective surveillance system operation.
  • It improved storage and accessibility. 
  • It also enables remote monitoring which is one of the new features, never before in case of analog ones.
  • It improved productivity.
  • It helps in upgrading your management software.

There are many more such uses or advantages of these surveillance systems.

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IP and Smart Security Camera Systems

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What are the dummy Cameras and what are they good for ? 

In the present era, there is a kind of dummy camera which is built in order to model a real security camera with precision. The basic idea behind this dummy camera is to deter the thieves from crime. The best dummy Cameras are useful in confusing the organised retail crime groups, making it difficult to differentiate between the real and dummy Cameras. Some of the fake security cameras are installed on the exterior wall of the store, which is placed there to mimick the elongated and bullet shaped cameras. Other cameras may be some shaped, which is perfect for indoor installation. Beside these, some of the dummy cameras can also be purchased with a built in blinking LED light. Hence, giving the appearance of a love recording going on. Some models of the dummy cameras are also available with a fake cable or a realistic panning movement capability. Dummy Cameras also adds weight to the security presence of any store.