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Sunscreen and tanning

Do we tan? But what must be the reason behind it?

Almost everyone of us must have tan lines or uneven skin tone or complexion that we would never wish to have or rather we would wish that we could wash it off. But getting rid of it is really a difficult task. Tan is the body’s attempt of protecting itself from the damaging UV rays of the sun. And melanin is the actual chemical which is responsible for tanning. Our skin releases this chemical under the surface layers of the skin to help in absorbing the UV radiation. The amount of melanin that your body releases is directly proportional to the body exposure to the sun or the harmful UV rays.

One of the best ways considered to lighten down a tan is by avoiding getting it. We tend to protect our skin from tanning by protecting and preventing it from the proper sun rays. People consider wearing a hat, or dress themselves in a sun protective cloth and applying sunscreen when they step outside. But the sunscreen needs to be applied at an interval of every two hours. The American academy of dermatology refers people to apply sunscreen everyday for best protection of their skin.

Remedies known to fade the tanning of skin

These remedies may help you in fading your tanned skin:


Exfoliating in a gentle way with a home-made or a scrub bought from store, may lighten your skin tone as it removes the dead skin cells present on the surface of your skin.

You need to be careful in avoiding the sun after exfoliation. The dead skin cells may help in protecting you against the sun rays. Hence, after removing them your skin gets more susceptible to tanning or skin damage or the sunburn.


Aloe is considered to be a more powerful anti inflammatory skin soother sunburn salve as it was found in a study that aloe Vera helps in suppressing the amount of melanin release, and hence, reducing pigment.


This Indian spice is traditionally used as a skin lightener in India. But it has not been proven yet that it lightens the skin although in a study it was found that turmeric can help your skin against any sun damage if in case it is included in a cream and it also concluded that the turmeric may help in improving skin’s hydration as well as the natural protective oils.

And turmeric is bright yellow in colour and hence, can easily stain your face or your clothes. So, it is recommended to use any face wash after applying a turmeric mask on your face so that the stain does not remain on your face.

Black tea

A study found that black tea extract can help in lightening a skin tan on guinea pigs but the research is yet to be done whether the homemade products with black tea extracts suits human or not.