How to differentiate between TV Stands & Wall Mounts

There are different kinds of television available in the market from LED to OLD to Plasma and the latest is 4k led T.V. Unfortunately, one thing that people usually tend to forget about is to choose between T.V. Stands or Wall mount.

But first, do you know the difference between T.V. stands and wall mount? And How to install them? Their benefits or Types? Or Where to buy them from?

Then don’t stress much, just read this blog and clear your doubts about T.V. Stand and Wall Mount.

Difference between T.V stand and Wall mount

On which the T.V. stands on a flat surface is called a T.V. stand or stand mount. Whereas, Wall mount as the name suggests T.V that is attached to the wall. The stands and mounts are either made of metal or plastic.

How to Install?

The T.V stand is very easy and quick to set up, as it already comes with a basic stand. So, you don’t need to do much, just attach that stand with the help of screws and place it on the table. 

Compared to a T.V stand, it will take time to fix on the wall. Wall mount needs proper instruction and the person should know how to do it. If you are not sure, it would be better to call the experts. 

Benefits you should know

The stand mount will be great if you have a table, where you keep your speakers, cables, CD player or Xbox, etc. Also, you can change the viewing angle or shift the positions without the hassle. Connect cable or pen drive through HDMI ports easily.

The benefit of having a Wall mount is that it consumes less space. And you don’t have to worry about the size of the T.V. before buying it. Also, you can choose to place as high as you want.  

 Various Kinds Of Mounts

Just like T.V there are a lot of wall mounts and stand mounts in the market.  In-wall mounts and stand mounts there are varieties and different options available in the market. Such as, in Wall mountFlat mount, Hook mount, Tilt or Swivel mount, and Full – Motion mount. And in Stand mount you will find – Platform TV Stand, Cantilever TV Stand, Hideaway TV Stand. According to your preference, you can choose the wall mounts or stand mounts.

Where to buy it from?

If you are confused about where to find good mounts at the lowest price, then go to TrueGether. They have different kinds of mounts that will surely come under your budget. The reason we are suggesting TrueGether is that they provide amazing deals. 

Also as a facility to choose a seller who is near your address. So, you don’t end up paying loads of money on shipping. TrueGether provides information about the seller after which you can verify the seller before your purchase.


Now to buy a Wall mount or a stand mount is completely your choice. But, we would suggest going according to your T.V, which will go with the interiors of the house. Before you leave, go on TrueGether there are sales going on stands and wall mounts. So hurry! Before it gets over!

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