Things you should know before buying Mini Projectors

These days mini projectors are trending rapidly. Who would have thought that projectors, which are heavy and with all those wires to connect, will come up with portable mini projectors. But the question is, Are they just like the other projectors or different? What are their features and benefits? Or why you should have it? And where should you buy it? 

Today, we are going to dive into these questions and will find the answers to it.

What are mini projectors?

  A projector is an optical device that projects images or videos on a plain surface. Just like the other projectors, the purpose is the same but the thing that differentiates is its size, which is portable, and as advanced features. 

Features to know about

The very important feature of mini projectors is that they are portable and can be easily carried around anywhere. It works on a rechargeable battery and an inbuilt speaker. As a facility to connect with your setup box, mobile, Laptop, etc through an HDMI cable. Also as a slot for SD card and Pen drive. Some sizes are bigger than a mobile phone and some smaller than your palm but it can fit in your pocket easily. If the battery runs out you can easily charge it through a power bank.

Brands available in the market

There are various ranges of mini projectors available in the market. Such as Elephas Mini Projector, New1 Mini Portable Pocket Projector, Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, Magnasonic Pico Projector to Chidogear, Salange, and many more. With the same features and different brand names, you will find many in the market. But if you want to see all these brands in one place where you could easily compare, then go to TrueGether.com.

Why should you have it?

Mini projectors not only will enhance the entertainment but also the quality time with your family. Be it at home or on outdoor trips, you can easily connect any device and enjoy your favorite movie or series with your friends and family. Having a mini projector will give you the theater experience just sitting at home.  

 On TrueGether, you will find different price ranges of mini-projectors, that you can select according to your budget and necessity. The buyer gets seller’s information as well as the option to select the seller who is near to their place. From this, the buyer can save loads of money while shipping the product. The latest products are updated on the site as soon as they come to the market. Not only you can buy the products but you can sell them as well.

 Now we know, why mini projectors are trending in the market! Hope that even you don’t miss out on all the fun with your family and friends by not buying the mini projectors. 




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