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How to Fix Cakey Makeup Problems?

Cake face, despite its delicious-sounding meaning, is something you should normally avoid when it comes to cosmetics. When foundations and powders are applied, they appear thick and layered, like they’ve been caked on. Your glow is faded and unnatural, which is a no-no these days, especially in the era of dewy skin and blazing highlights. Caking your face is simple to do, especially if you use your brush too vigorously.

What Things to Take Care of?

To keep your makeup appearing fresh, you don’t have to forgo the powder or product layering — experts say it’s just a question of moisturizing your skin, being aware of the formulations you use, and mixing and matching products like a pro.

· Another aspect is any acne-fighting compounds in your skincare regimen, which can create dry, flaky skin if abused or if you’re sensitive. If you’re treating your spots with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, two typical acne-fighting compounds that can cause dryness, limit your use of these products to before bedtime — or add a super-moisturizing (but lightweight) layer to your pre-makeup skincare routine.

· Choose a Foundation with a Light to Medium Coverage- Foundations are designed to provide various levels of coverage. The more the coverage, the higher the number of pigments used to achieve opacity, and the more likely you are to acquire a case of cake face. A safer bet is liquid foundations with light to medium coverage.

· Don’t Touch Up by Adding More Makeup — When your makeup starts to smudge, instead of applying extra product to your face, use a Beauty blender to redistribute what you already have. This method is particularly useful if you’ve sweated through your makeup. Using a damp makeup sponge to pat over your face can assist to renew and blend your makeup

· Translucent Powder to Set Makeup- Powder foundations is more prone to pile up than liquid foundations, according to Dobos, although powder is occasionally necessary to set makeup. For less forceful powdering, try using finely milled translucent powder or rice powder. Although the translucent layer will not cause caking, it will keep your base in place all day.

· If you haven’t started using the setting spray, try it now! When you’ve completed all of your contouring, bronzing, setting, and highlighting and your face resembles a powdered donut, you’ll need to melt it all into your skin. Not only will a setting spray keep your makeup in place, but it will also remove any powdery residue and set everything into your skin for a more natural look.

· Finish off with Oil Application — No matter how much preparation you do, dry skin always looks cakey and flaky. If your bronzer looks muddy or your foundation seems chalky or cakey after you’ve finished your makeup, add some oil at the end of your process to assist give it a skin-like texture. Simply dab a few drops of face oil into the back of your hand, stamp your beauty sponge in it a few times, and stipple it over the dry areas of your face softly (lightly!). All of your products will marry and become one with your skin if you use this strategy.

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