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Must-Have List for Your Church’s Supply Cabinet

More than additional copies of prayer books are required for a well-stocked and organized church supply cupboard. Religious gatherings and structured worship are all about community, and focusing on hospitality is one of the finest ways to develop a strong sense of togetherness.

Hospitality includes comfortable surroundings, a sense of belonging, and warm smiling welcome faces. People will not attend services if they do not feel welcomed. This is counterproductive to your organization’s efforts to attract new members, and ignoring hospitality issues can lead to the loss of even long-time churchgoers.

There’s more to hospitality than smiles and handshakes, as crucial as they are. To be ready to welcome new members and guests, you must anticipate and cover all possible supply needs for your organization’s numerous activities. The following items should be included in a well-organized supply closet:

Worship Aids – Make sure you have plenty of prayer and songbooks, liturgical calendars, and community bulletins on hand. For everything that has to be handed out, set aside a designated storage location – or use a rolling book cart. Assign someone to book distribution and collecting — it’s a terrific opportunity to include a newer member in a basic ministry.

Candles, Candleholders, and Lighters – There’s no getting around it: religious candles are pricey, dirty, and fragile. Ordering, care, storage, and inventory should all be handled by someone within the company. Cleaning candle holders with soft microfiber towels is a good idea. Make sure you have a nice flex-neck lighter on hand, as well as a backup in case the first one runs out of fluid.

Icons and Statues – Various things with unique importance and veneration may be included in services and worship. It will be easier to set up and store them if they are clearly labeled and kept in the same location.

Tablecloths and Liturgical Clothing – Different colors and textiles for robes and setting altars may be required on different days of the liturgical or worship cycle. To avoid confusion and delays during pre-worship preparation, place a guide near the table linens and clothing. Remember to have a wash bag and some easy stain removers in the closet, as laundry is frequently done off-site and by volunteers.

Writing Supplies and Name Tags – Pens and paper are in high demand in group settings. Study groups and list-making may be handled with just a few legal pads and a supply of pencils. Provide name tags to your greeters to make them more memorable – new visitors will feel more at ease if they can place a face to a name. Keep in mind that paper supplies might run out rapidly, so keep an eye on your inventory.

Microphone Batteries – Determine your battery requirements and maintain a strong backup supply on hand. Don’t allow your service to be cut short due to a lack of 9-volt batteries for the wireless microphone!

Hospitality Supplies – Providing coffee hour meetings is a proven means of strengthening the church community. It’s a place where members may mingle outside of services and help to soften the edges of rigorous formality. Make a special place for supplies including cups, coffee, tea, water, the coffee maker, sweeteners, stirrers, and creamer. Coffee hour clubs are used by many churches to create amazing volunteer ministries.

Cleaning Supplies – Even if the area is handled by a janitor, worship is likely to occur while that person is not around. Simple, easy-to-use cleaning materials, such as disinfectant wipes, should be kept on hand. Germ-prone surfaces, such as seats, tabletops, and handrails, are no match for them. If you have solid surface flooring, ensure sure your cleaning supplies contain cautionary warnings for liquid spills and how to wipe them up.

First Aid Kit – A first-aid kit is a must-have for any location where people may congregate. Bandages, ointments, alcohol wipes, tweezers, and other items are commonly included in first aid kits. Kits come in a variety of sizes and may be wall-mounted in a specific location. Check the kit on a regular basis to make sure there are enough bandages and that supplies haven’t expired.

Toolbox – Maintenance employees at a church typically work while members aren’t present, or when services aren’t being held. With a simple set of tools, you can easily tighten unsteady chairs and knock nail pops flush. For added security, bring a flashlight.

A well-stocked and organized church closet is an often-overlooked but crucial component of creating a healthy environment for communal worship and group experiences. Get these supplies only on alternatives to eBay.

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