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Print and Graphic Designing: A Trend That Never Fades

Graphic designing is an art through which those who are professionals create content that attains the ability to convey several messages visually. By using various techniques such as the visual hierarchy and page layouts, these prints are designed. Typography and images are used by the designers to produce attractive designs that tend to fulfill the needs of the viewer and focus upon the logic behind the elements that are displayed.

Print design is a subset of graphic designing, it is a form of visual communication that conveys comprehensible information to the targeted audience. It is designed in a way that looks visually appealing and attractive as well so that it grabs the attention of the viewer. These can be printed on any tangible surface. Any design is termed as print design if its final form was created through an imprint made with the impact of seals, stamps, or dyes.

Let’s learn how this printing style evolved

These artworks are created by using several methods spanning more than five hundred years. Graphic designers get a wide arena to practice designing, throughout history, the availability of printing technologies has made them produce designs with unique features and characteristics. Before the development and innovation of the print industry, letterpress and lithographs were used. Although, now these have been significantly replaced by inkjet printers and several applications that enable photoshopping, editing as well as designing.

Graphic design began after the invention of the printing press in 1440, but the idea from which this method of visual communication gained significance dates back to the times when men lived in caves. As seen in history, people communicated by carving figures on caves. Early people used to share their thoughts and ideas through figures. Then came the Sumerian language that used various icons that depicted different words.

Print and Graphic designs create a beautiful visual experience… it’s a must-try!

The trend of prints and graphic designs never fades. Just have a look around your surroundings and you’ll definitely find these appealing designs. The graphics deliver various types of information in a form that is comprehensible to everyone. The information on the billboards; posters that are placed on the street walls; pictures or quotes on your mug that is filled with your favorite drink; the attractive graphics on your t-shirts, everything serves the purpose of providing information about various things. Pictures that have been captured as a beautiful memory or the quote that motivates and lifts up your mood, when printed upon your cups, bottles, or t-shirts, they become more cherishable.

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