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10 Products, Seller Can Buy Cheap & Sell High | Arbitrage

An age-old technique of making profits online is to buy commodities at lower prices and resell at profitable prices that give higher arbitrage value. Researching on which products to arbitrage online with the potential to make profits or rather save up on the extra costs involved is a cumbersome task for sure.

We have selected ten products to help you identify low-cost buying opportunities, make a comparison, and select the appropriate ways of selling them on TrueGether which is the best place to sell online besides eBay for a higher product margin. Products that you bought during online end-season sales, second-hand purchases, a wholesale vendor sold products or commodities that you bought using discount vouchers could qualify for better resale value.

Phone Accessories

These are products with perennial demand no matter which brand they are. Mobile phones are imperative for our modern-day survival and so are mobile phone accessories. You could buy phone accessories like earphones, chargers, mobile cases, OTG connectors, and more for discounted prices on many online marketplaces and resell the same at profitable prices online when the demand goes up or during holidays.

This way a marginal profit is guaranteed and the miscellaneous costs of shipping and delivery are cut down because of the negligible weight of the products and lesser risks involved.


In America and the UK, shape-wear products are gaining momentum because of the figure-conscious nature of buyers. Bodysuits, firming wear, tummy tuckers, and seamless high-leg stockings are lifesavers for many who love to flaunt a firm body.

With the beauty and fitness industries making a headway towards compact clothing, shapewear products are mostly sold at discounted prices or introductory prices online. The same can be bought at tempting prices and sold to other geographical locations with a higher price tag.


Watches can never go out of vogue, especially brands that sell modern and minimalist designs that were launched two or three years ago. Many online marketplaces sell good timepieces at discounted prices during the off-season to attract customers. This opportunity can be taken advantage of, and the same product(s) can be resold on portals where there is high demand for the product.

10 Products, Seller Can Buy Cheap & Sell High | Arbitrage

The best way to succeed in this endeavour is to do a good market research on the products that are in high demand. Buy these watches when the prices go marginally low at one source and then resell it on another online portal at a better price when the demand goes high.


Handbags are accessories that never fashion fade. Their functionality combined with their quality and brand label can be quite incredible in converting margins.

The best way to top the trade is to associate yourself with an online wholesaler and buy high-demand handbags at lower prices. Then you could strategize a plan to sell these accessories on platforms that sell exclusive products at profitable prices for you.

10 Products, Seller Can Buy Cheap & Sell High | Arbitrage

When more demand is created using the limited availability strategy for the product, certain buyers will automatically be driven towards buying the product without considering the price.


While books are the best bet for people of all ages to stay engaged, reselling exclusive material online with a good profit margin could be a great idea. In this era of eBooks, many bookworms still prefer hardbound books that help them live the story.

10 Products, Seller Can Buy Cheap & Sell High | Arbitrage

Novels and even study material are still in demand online. Buying books at dirt cheap rates and reselling them for a better bargain is quite the trend these days in making a decent monthly income.


We live in a world where reuse is the mantra to good living. Chic and convenient furniture is in demand by people who get bored easily and love experimenting with their interiors.

With many people moving from one city to another for jobs and better living, renting or buying used furniture on-demand is the most practical thing to do. Either antique or modern furniture can be bought and reassembled to create new combinations that sell like hotcakes online.

The best way to ensure a good profit margin is to buy low-priced and lightweight pieces of furniture and decor online and sell it on portals where the demand is high for a profitable resale.

Car Accessories

Buying car accessories skilfully are important since determining the best buy from online sources is something one would learn over time. However, reselling car accessories like seat cushions, car interior décor, wind shades, front bumpers, speaker systems etc. can be a good deal breaker if done right on the right platform.

Every car is unique but investing in accessories that can universally fulfill the needs of any automobile can ensure that your investment does not go down the drain.


If your children have outgrown their fascination for LEGOs, which are apparently the best-selling products on Amazon and eBay, then you could resell the same on other online platforms. Being the building blocks of intellect and reasoning among young minds, many parents and play schools still invest in LEGOs that can be bought online.

Winter Clothing

One of the most expensive types of clothing belongs to the winters. The colder the winters get, the more expensive your clothes are. Many people prefer buying jackets, pants, coats, fur, etc. online at slashed prices. You could capitalize on this phenomenon by buying at low prices during the off-season and selling at higher profit margins when the winter season begins.

Video Games

Best video games in the market are seldom affordable to the average buyer. A gaming aficionado will understand the pain of not being able to afford his/her favorite VR indulgence. Even the oldest games of the 90s are in high demand online. If you resell PS games online, the profits are going to be manifold.

10 Products, Seller Can Buy Cheap & Sell High | Arbitrage

It can be concluded that the products mentioned above solicit deep market study to discern the best time to buy and the best time to sell for a better turnover at E-Marketplace sites like eBay.

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