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Slot Cars

Slot cars are powered miniature autos or any other type of vehicle that has a groove or a slot as its guide for the track on which it operates. Into the slot at the bottom of the car, there’s an extension of a pin or blade. There are some cars used to model traffic on scenic layouts. A majority of slot cars are used as a competitive hobby of slot car racing, also termed slot racing.

Scalextric and VIP were among the first sectional slot tracks that were of molded rubber and folded metal. The slot tracks nowadays are basically categorized into two categories, namely, plastic tracks, and routed tracks.

From the molded plastic commercial track sections, plastic tracks are made. These sectional tracks are inexpensive and can be assembled easily. Their pattern can easily be changed as well.

Do you know about the Most Common Slot Car Scales?

Commonly, there are three slot car scales that are prevalently considered. The 1:24 scale is the largest one available with every inch on the model representing 24 inches on the real car. For homes, this size is quite impractical to be preferred by everyone, thus most of the slot car enthusiasts tend to have a 1:32 scale. The other commonly used option is the HO size that slightly varies but is closer to a 1:64 scale. To add, there are various companies that have made slot cars on a 1:48 scale and 1:43 scale as well.

Do you know about Digital Slot Car Racing?

Scalextric introduced digital car racing to the market in 2004. The company launched the Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) system which enables up to four cars for a race in a single slot on track. It also allows the cars to switch lanes because the digital signals are coded and they ensure that every car is responding to its specific controller. You may race digital ars on the traditional analog tracks, but using older cars on digital tracks requires the installation of a small digital decoder for smooth functioning.

What are the other slot racing vehicles that are available Besides Cars?

Cars are indeed the most common among slot racing, companies such as Scalextric have also manufactured motorbikes, VW vans, trucks, futuristic vehicles, and even horses. There have been various branded slot car products that are designed in order to appear similar to the famous vehicles that are featured in popular movies, and television shows, like James Bonds Aston Martin and KITT, the talking car from “Knight Rider”.

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