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The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

If you are going to start taking guitar lessons then you surely want to have a suitable acoustic guitar for yourself. In the beginning, do not spend much on them, you can pick a guitar that suits your budget at that moment of time. There are many beautiful and affordable guitars available to improve your playability. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss some guitars that are perfect for many beginners and advanced players.

Classical or Western Guitar

It is an indefatigable misunderstanding that beginners have to start with a classical guitar with nylon strings. But, you can buy a western guitar with steel strings. It is also suitable for beginners.


When you start playing guitar you will suffer some pain in the fingertips, it is because you just have to grow some calluses there. You do that by playing regularly for 15 to 30 minutes every day for a month and you will notice improvement very soon. This process is sometimes a bit more uncomfortable with steel strings, especially if you play too long whereas Nylon is softer and less painful. You can ease the discomfort with steel strings a bit. Thinner strings can help and you can try coated strings with a thin layer of plastic on them so that they last longer and sound less squeaky and feel softer.

Wider Neck

The softer strings of classical guitars have a disadvantage, they have a wider neck. It requires more acrobatics of your fingers. Whilst, western guitars have a narrower neck. You can try crossover guitars. They are the combination of both worlds and have the narrow neck of a western guitar with nylon strings.

It is important that the dimensions of a guitar fit your stature if you want to play it.  It gives you more fun and less discomfort. If you have smaller hands or shorter fingers then a guitar with a narrower nut fits best and if you have some bigger hands with longer fingers then a wider neck can fit well. 

This next question is about which type of tonewood to choose for your acoustic guitar and the answer is rosewood and mahogany, these are the two most popular. While choosing a guitar made of solid wood, you must know that mahogany sounds a bit drier and woodier and often fits nicely in the mix whereas Rosewood can give a more ‘piano’ like sound.

There are a few extra points to look at. First of all, always check that the neck is straight. After that, check the tuning mechanisms so that they run smoothly. Then, check the soundbox. A dent or a scratch is not a big deal but cracks can cause many problems and do not forget to pay extra attention to transitions.

Buying a guitar is not an easy task, therefore, you must consider the above-given information. I hope you will get some useful information with the help of this blog. If you wish to buy a good acoustic guitar for yourself, don’t forget to visit TrueGether, one of the best alternatives to eBay.

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