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Tattoos and Body Art: A Way to Celebrate Your Beautiful Skin

Having tattoos, paintings, or piercings over your body is a medium to appreciate your skin and enhance your beauty. It entirely depends on you whether you want to have them or not. Those who are a bit reluctant to have a permanent one might try various temporary tattoos to know how they will appear to be.

How who and where: all about tattoos

In 1769, Captain Cook and his crew during their voyage to Polynesia saw tattoos on the natives and were intrigued by them. They then decided to be a part of this interesting idea and wore the tattoos on their way back to the west. They contributed to coining the term “tattoo” and ignited the interest in having tattoos among others. These sailors made this a popular art form.

The oldest known tattoo was discovered beneath a glacier in the Alps from the body of a man nicknamed “Ötzi”. This discovery was possible because it was a well-preserved one. His body had more than 60 varieties of tattoos that were mainly composed of dots and lines created with carbon inks without many complexities.

The first-ever electric machine for creating tattoos was invented by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891. He gained inspiration from Thomas Edison’s electric pen. The machine consisted of needles and an ink reservoir for designing.

Body piercing: a little bit of pain with loads of fun styling

Body piercing is regulated in some states but not in the entire world. Before getting your body pierced, do a little bit of research and investigation. You should be well informed about the procedure and get assured of the cleanliness and hygienic environment of the shop.

An autoclave (a sterilizing machine) is essential for anybody piercing shops. They must have sterilized instruments that are sealed in packets before use. Make sure that your body piercer is a licensed practitioner. They should maintain cleanliness and wash their hands thoroughly before beginning the procedure. The piercer should wear disposable gloves that are unused, and use single-use needles and other sterilized instruments.

Be well-aware of the procedure for handling the machines and make sure your body piercer follows them strictly to get an everlasting result. If you are allergic to any metals inform your piercer to make sure it doesn’t have any ill effects. Choose jewelry that is made of metals that are less likely to cause harmful reactions, such as surgical stainless steel, solid pure gold, niobium, and titanium.

Having piercings or tattoos on your body is an amazing experience but make sure the procedure is entirely safe for you.

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