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The Art of Sewing for a Loved One

I remember I was thinking about giving something precious to my sister before she left for Budapest last year and nothing could tell her how much she means to me more than a beautiful handmade gift. I had been quite bad at art and craft as a kid, to be honest. However, for her, I was ready to try my hand at something that I had never done before. It was still a month until she left and my college was on its spring break. I was still confused about what exactly should I gift her that would blow her mind and at the same time reflect well my love for her.

I met my friend for counsel. She is the only person I know who is really inclined towards art and would help me figure out a perfect solution for this problem. She suggested that I should try my hand at knitting and sewing. This idea did not seem so difficult at first but soon I realized what I had taken upon myself was not merely a handmade gift task but actually a master class in sewing.

I thought of several things at first but I chose to stick with the simplest of them. Making a handkerchief would be very sweet, not exactly herculean and moreover it would be something she can remember me by when she would be in some other country. I began by ordering the necessary things that I would require for this venture. I had planned on sewing a nice handkerchief with a pretty flower pattern for which I would require: needles, a frame, sewing thread, and cloth material. I searched for the best websites that offer these materials and there are quite a few to be found online. Whether it be specific knitting or sewing sites or general ones like eBay or eBay alternatives.

After finding the best material and those that suited my expectation, I began my work on sewing a pretty red handkerchief. My mother had taught me a simple design to make a flower pattern over a video call. She couldn’t believe I was making this for my sister. As kids, we would always fight every time we were home together. However, when we grew up and started living away from each other there isn’t a single day when I don’t think of her or miss her. I guess I wanted to imbue all these emotions into a pocket-sized token that she could carry wherever she went in her life.

It took me more than a few tries to get it right. I had never done this for anybody in my life before but for her, I was ready to try. When I finally finished making it, I was so proud of myself. Sewing has a therapeutic way of disciplining you and helping you purge out negative things at the same time, or at least for me it worked like that because this was only the beginning of my venture in sewing. I met my sister after a month and the day she was about to leave I gave it to her at the airport. I told her I had knit this for her and that she could carry it everywhere. Places like airports are met by heavy luggage and heavier hearts, for us that day both were true because she had to pay extra bucks for the excess luggage. Fortunately, they didn’t weigh the handkerchief. What would be the weight of a parting gift anyway?

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