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Are Board Games Still Fun ?

The pandemic has all of us inside our houses in a never-ending wait of things getting better sometime soon. However, a lot of things may look a little bleak at times. It is very important for us to keep engaging in activities that let the mind breathe and function. The word that the New York Times used for this very difficult time was ‘languish’ which best described our attitude last year. We’ve all tried to use our time last year by trying new things. Some of us have learned skills others have simply waited for things to get better. However, the year has also taught us the importance of building great relationships at home. One good thing that most of us could use and do use during this very difficult time last year was board and traditional games.

Board games are a brilliant way to have some fun, engage with people, and at the same time find some precious time outside of the screen. Sharing time with the family over a traditional board game may remind one of the ’90s set up when the Internet had not invaded every household and was still a monopoly of a select few. Board games have an interesting history rooted in several old civilizations. Gen Z might find a great alternative from all the tinkering on the phone once they get on a great board game.

One of the most popular and challenging board games of all time is traditional chess. The recent series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ got me extremely interested in chess. It’s a great exercise for the mind but it is way more than just an exercise, it’s leisure and a great way to unwind. However, board games aren’t just limited to classic chess or the popular monopoly or even the 90’s rage ‘Operation’. Great board games have occupied the market and exploring them can provide a much-needed escape from all the monotony and boredom that has afflicted us.

One needs to go beyond the monotony of ‘Netflix and Chill’ or Candy crush to realize that there is a whole lot of other options that one can explore if one ever takes the initiative. Board games are here to stay while they might seem like an age-old engagement because the only time you see them is when you’re watching ‘F.RI.E.N.D.S’ or something else. If we realize the fun potential that board games offer, they can become a party favorite anytime. One just needs to look for the best board game that suits the crowd.

These board games are not very expensive and provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family at an event or the entire friend group at a house party. Most of these board games are very accessible and could be found anywhere in a toy shop or a supermarket. However, the easiest way to explore amazing board games is window shopping them from online sites. For example, eBay has some great board games to offer but one might also find them on alternatives to eBay at some great prices.

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