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This era has been an era of trends. With every phase, some trend has taken over the entire globe till it has been replaced by a new one. Since the past decade, the phenomenon of changing trends has seen a tremendous acceleration with the involvement of more and more people all across. Among these, there has been one trend of all trends, the one that has taken everyone by storm and is continuously growing at an exponential pace.

Wonder what are we talking about? Well, it’s the trend started by ‘musical.ly,’ carried on by TikTok, until last year ‘Instagram Reels’ and many other apps finally took over to successfully continue the legacy!

Making videos was always a trend since the time of YouTube but these applications gave YouTube a push as well, attracting unimaginable traffic to these platforms. Nowadays, people have made ‘video-making’ their full-time profession and the amount of hard work put in by them is insane.

Benefits of following this trendy profession:

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for reaching people globally by being in a single place. Gradually, every person has gotten aware of the magic of social media and has associated himself with the same. Today, the number of active users on social media (3.81 billion) has almost touched half of the total population on Earth (7.7 billion). This is enough to state the amount of engagement that can be obtained on social media.

Some other benefits also include:

  • There can be a lot of revenue through these sources if you form a strong follower base. Revenues can be in the form of paid collaborations, influencer marketing, YouTube paid advertisements, etc.
  • You get to create a network of your own that can be of great help throughout life.
  • A lot of new doors open through social media in every sector.

Now the biggest question is what is the major equipment for shooting a video?

Well, yes it’s the camera obviously but creating an impactful video requires more than just a camera. In recent times, TRIPODS has emerged to be the highest selling product in the market besides cameras. Most people do not have any cameraman with them so tripods are self-sufficient to provide them the support they require.

Tripods come in many forms catering to every need, be it vlogging or normal videos. Every creator, small or big, uses a tripod nowadays. It would not be wrong to term Tripods & supports as the BACKBONE of video-making today.

Now, where to buy from? Buying a good quality tripod can serve your purpose for a large period of time so looking at an online marketplace is definitely recommended! The best advantage is that you will find every product of your need here which will reduce your efforts in searching elsewhere.

Sites like eBay can also be a great option. You can even figure out a way to sell online and make profits doing the same.

What else would you require from a single site?

Just a simple click to get you started if you are an interested buyer or seller!


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