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The Face Massage Guide

Facials revitalize dull skin by deeply cleansing and removing dirt and other impurities. Massaging your skin at regular intervals can be an excellent skincare routine because it not only cleans and moisturizes but also relaxes the facial muscles. Massage also enhances blood flow and circulation. Massage in Ayurveda has many benefits and massaging your face can also help to minimize stress levels, anxiety and may soothe you from within. It tones your face, reduces wrinkles, minimizes acne and pores, and has therapeutic effects by relieving sinus discomfort. Massage is a prominent step towards self-care and in this guide, we will cover the procedures and products required in the process.

Massage At Home

You need to have a serum or face massage before getting into it. They are available in stores and online, and we will go over the products later. You can gently massage your skin with your hands, as ancient Ayurveda practiced hand massages. However, there are many products available on the market to massage your skin, such as the jade roller, Gua sha, etc. However, you can initially rely on your hands for the same because it is as effective as. Make sure you properly clean your equipment and hands before starting with the massage, as dirt might lead to sudden breakouts and other skin problems. Maintain good hygiene and make sure to choose products with ingredients that suit your skin type.

Massage Techniques

Yes, as it is a facial exercise, there are many ways to do it. You can massage your face by stroking or you can move up and down in a circular motion. You can freely try anything that provides you with relief. Above all, it’s your skin. One can also try kneading with your knuckles or vibration massages. You can either use the techniques individually or as a combination to get better results and experience. However, be gentle and soft on your skin; don’t be too harsh or apply too much pressure, as this may harm your skin.

Steps For Massage

Make sure to have your face cleaned along with your hands and equipment. Choose a massage cream, oil, or serum and do a patch test before completely applying it. Apply it over your face and gently press each region of your face. Now start massaging using your middle and index fingers and start by using the circular motion technique, if you are a beginner. Cover all the regions and make sure to gently roll it under the eye. Also, cover the neck and collarbone, going in a downward motion.

Oils You Can Choose

There are many oils that you can pick for giving yourself a massage. So, keep in mind your skin type and preferences. Some of the great oils are almond oil, tea tree oil, Moringa oil, and coconut oil. Almond oil is excellent for all types of dry skin. Tea tree oil is ideal for every skin type. Moringa oil is generally suitable for sensitive skin, whereas coconut oil is suitable for normal skin. To buy the best massage oil, cream, serum or other message-related products visit sites alternatives to Shopify.

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