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The Necklace Guide

Though every woman’s closet has a lot of neck jewelry, not many are familiar with the variety the market offers. A better insight into the types of necklaces and their appearance would help you to choose them for your wardrobe according to what suits and matches your attire. This would not only amp up your fashion quotient but will also save expenditure on pieces that don’t flaunt you well.

Necklaces are adorned with precious gems, pearls, stones, and are crafted into beautiful designs, and while there are many variations, nothing can be labeled as old or new because they are constantly being modified and reinvented to match the freshness of the era, its culture, and women’s sense of fashion. Below we have some of the most worn necklaces that can help you steal the show!

Necklace With Pendant

If you are someone who’s not more into heavy work designs, then pendants are best to meet your needs. This necklace contains a single ornament hanging through a chain and is the perfect definition of minimalistic beauty with grace. You can opt for a gemstone, gold, or silver pendant or try out a pearl chain with a diamond pendant. A locket instead of a pendant could be one variation. You can have a personal touch on the jewel piece by framing someone’s picture in the locket.

Rivière Necklace

As the name suggests, it refers to the flow of the river. The necklace is designed such that it appears to flow around our neck beautifully. There appears to be a gradation in the size of the stones, with each linking to the next to form a stunning chain. The emphasis is more on the stones and diamonds rather than the design. It is intricately designed to carve out the Diva in you. This ornament is a perfect fit for dates and can go well with your evening wear.

Bib Necklace

This, in contrast to the Rivière Necklace, focuses more on the details and designs of the piece of jewel. It has a layered structure carved out beautifully with stones and diamonds and serves as a treat for the eyes. Bib necklaces tend to be highly embellished and appealing to add more impact to the look. It either has a single layer carved out or can be a combination of different layers and covers the entirety of your beautiful bone. They look gorgeous with their gowns and ethnic outfits. Try it out!

A Lariat

With a beautiful name and appearance, this appears to be in most women’s wardrobes. Though there are two types of Lariat, the most commonly seen and desired one is the necklace which meets at a central point at the front of the design and drops to one singular chain or motif. This too emphasizes the design and looks extraordinarily beautiful when the gemstones or the diamonds come together to form the structure.


There are many others on the list, such as the Choker and Torsade.

Necklaces are all about beauty, grace, and class. To buy a variety of beautiful and gorgeous necklaces you must visit the site’s alternative to Shopify.

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