Tips to Buy Clutch Kit for your Car

How to Choose Clutch Kit for your Car?Clutches are one of the most important parts of an automobile. Earlier it was easy to choose a clutch as the engines were simple and each brand had almost a similar type of engine. Now-a-days use of highly advanced engines with hi-tech turbo chargers led to increase in the demand for high performance clutches.

As new car owner, if you are tensed about how to choose the best clutch kit for your vehicle, the below FAQS will surely be of help.

What is the main purpose of your vehicle?

This is one of the primary aspects on which your choice of clutch kit will depend. There are two primary factors which must be kept in mind while choosing a clutch kit; life expectancy and performance. If you are buying a car for personal use and do not have any intention to put your car to commercial use you need not spend on expensive clutch kits. The aftermarket OE clutch kits are suitable as these cost much less than the ones which are available with the dealers. This kind of clutch kits usually has the capacity to run over a year covering almost 12000 miles. One factor should be kept in mind, while choosing cheaper clutch kits for your personal vehicle never go for kits which are made with cheap materials (generally imported from foreign countries.) These clutches have an extremely short life span. The use of low quality materials cause frequent squeals or quick loss of friction material and thus you may ultimately end up paying more in repair than what you paid to buy the clutch kit.

If the car is for carrying large loads or will be put to commercial use then heavy duty clutch kits are a must for the vehicle. Sometimes trucks or this kind of vehicles carry more load than for what it is designed. For this reason the vehicle may sometimes operate on more horsepower and higher torque ratings. Get a upgraded clutch kit for this kind of vehicle. This kind of clutch has a long life because the friction material used in this kind of clutch kit sustains through several long rides. Besides torque ratings and horsepower also keep in mind the tire and exhaust alterations which are applied on the vehicle while carrying the load; your chosen clutch kit should match all these factors every well to help you get a durable clutch for the vehicle. Generally for vehicles which perform on moderate alterations Stage 2 or Stage 3 clutches are used. Trucks which run on higher levels of modifications, Stage 4 and Stage 5 clutch kits are the best. For an example stage 2 clutch kit for jeep wrangler fits for the car’s 1994-2002 variant.

What is the road type?

This is another important factor which must be kept in mind while choosing a clutch kit. The flat roads have different clutch needs while the bumpy roads require something special. The twisting lanes of countryside demand clutch kits which are quick to fit, instant responsive and have flawless back shift and up shift. One thing which must be kept in mind is the performance of the car is directly dependent on the quality of clutch used.

When is the clutch kit required?

Are you using the clutch kit at your home garage or you need it on a highway trip? If it is for your home use then you have enough time in hand to change , install or repair the clutch but if it is on-road then the clutch kit must be easy to install and tune with the vehicle.

Types of Clutch Kit

There are different types of clutch kit used depending upon the type of vehicle you have.Let us checkout of the most popular clutch kits available in the market.

Street Disc

This kind of clutch is made with organic material and is best for smooth driving. This kind of disc is durable and can be used for a long time span. This kind of clutch is good for big speed driving but not for drag racing. This type of clutch is circular in shape.

Pucked Disc

This kind of clutch is used on vehicles which are used for drag racing. This kind of clutch is made with ceramic and brass. These clutches are star designed.

Multi Plate Clutch

There are double or triple plate clutches available in the market. This kind of clutch kit are used on tracks.

Tips while Choosing a Clutch Kit for your Vehicle

In gist, keep the following factors in mind while choosing a clutch kit for your automobile.

  • What is the weight of the vehicle on which the clutch will be used?
  • Is the vehicle for personal or commercial use?
  • Is the clutch kit matching with the torque ratings, tire, horsepower and exhaust levels of the vehicle?

So your choice of clutch kit will depend on the strain which it will have to go through. Everyone has a different driving expectation and for each of them there is a perfect clutch kit present in the market; you just need to choose the best from shopping marketplaces.

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