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Top 6 Spring Handbag Styles with Florals

Spring is beautiful with the blooming and the chirping among flora and fauna. But it can be a tricky season when it comes to styling that may lead you to the runway or the highway.

Accessorising is often a daunting task especially when it comes to handbags for women, the choices are far too many and trends are ever evolving. Convenience is imperative, class is cardinal and affordability overrides everything else with these.

You see, style is a personal thing at the end of the day, everyone looks for that special something in a handbag be it design innovation, chromatic combination, individuality, durability till the cows come home and finally value for every cent spent.

Spring handbags are mainly represented by floral prints and designs. Shoppers, totes small and large, satchels, woven basket handbags, handbags with appliques and bucket handbags to name a few are nonpareil when it comes to quenching your fashion thirst during spring.

Take a sneak peak at some of the desirable trend-setters this season that will have you wishing for an endless pay check.

  1. Trendy Casual Day Out BagsSomething non-complex with a witty sense of design and comfort yet possessing that lady-like charm and simplicity can make for that ‘too-cool-for-school’ trendy day-out bag.Crafted in either cotton canvas or cowhide leather, these bags have either rounded handles, flat dual handles or round hoop handles for added convenience.Make a wild statement with the girl-next-door image when the floral patterns in contrast background match perfectly with your laid-back denims, shorts and plain tops.Floral tops can also be pattern partnered with these bags that are vividly hand-painted or machine-printed in solids or pastels.
  2. Floral Shoppers that are ‘Show-Stoppers’

    Invariably attractive and compact, shoppers with beautiful cascading blooms or random designs of floral fantasy can be bought in their glossy or matt variants. They come with all sorts of closure choices like snap-button, zipper, Velcro and flap. The dual handles are predominantly flat with certain exceptions that come with rounded-handles.

    Cotton and PVC-coated canvas are the most suitable and sought-after materials for spring-time shoppers. Some bags are designed in dreamy water-hues, while others are sequined sparingly to perfection. The shape of the bag plays an important role in defining the bag.
    The square or rectangular outset of the bag makes it more expedient for street-fashion styling and for better storage advantage.

  3. Pocket-Friendly and Environment-Friendly Floral bags

    The latest fad as we all know it is ‘reusability’ and everything related to the term. As stores all across the world have started vehemently taking off plastic bags from their convenience list, the need for trendy and reusable grocery bags becomes a pivotal part of our social ethos.

    Environment-friendly tote bags in jute or cotton that go easy on your pocket have taken to aiding in rescuing the world. Everyone is willing to do their bit in contributing to keeping the world clean and green.

    A layered floral print bag with flat handles in crisp white leather BG or a massive cut-out bag with thread-woven handles in plain hues embellished with floral motifs or delineation can make your shopping experience a joyous event with mother-nature in mind.

    Some of these bags also have detachable shoulder strap option that help carry them skilfully.

  4. Floral Prints with Appliqués bring spring-time joy

    A floral print gone wrong can put a dismal shadow on your spring styling, but when it is spot-on, the effect is perfectly spring ready with all the flamboyance. Florals can really highlight the essence of a bag and give it personality and when teamed with appliqués we know it is like hitting the bulls-eye.

    Box bags with pastel floral print that have a clean ‘60s mod vibe are a good choice for those who like to keep it minimal. Michael Kors for example is a brand that experiments with its creations by running the gamut of various floral options, including leather appliqués either single or splattered in the same shade as the bag itself, floral appliqués of a different material, floral prints all over the bag etc. The 3D flower attachments to small and delicate light-coloured bags can also embellish and redefine spring simplicity with an urban twist. They animate the bag in supreme splendour while keeping the elementary resplendence of spring alive. These three-dimensional design elements exude springtime fun with both colour and texture.

  5. Florals and Fringes- A Love Story

    The tassels-and-fringes style has a touch of bohemia and the 70s retro, razzle-dazzle, it is definitely something we’re glad to see is making a comeback. Fringing is absolutely everywhere, accessorizing everything from graphic dresses and crochet tops to galaxy print clutch bags. Fringes are forever, and are always upbeat among the younger divas, the fusion of fringes and florals portrays a bit of fun along with a bit of radicalism. Wild flower renditions, smaller floral prints and hand-worked bags with fringes give a playful spin to your busy spring days. Hand-held shoulder bags or cross-body bags make for great accessories when teamed with tassels, giving them the crowning glory.

  6. Like Spring Like Bucket Well…Bucket Bag

    Bucket bags are the fun bags that come in different sizes and never seize to amaze us all.

    Shaped playfully, yet wisely, they are commodious and more casual compared to satchels and totes. Due to their feminine, sophisticated and casual outlook, bucket bags embrace innovative floral design elements to give you serious springtime fashion goals. The handbags with cross-stitched straw bases, adorned with three-dimensional fittings are meant to steal your heart, while the fabric infused leather straps that are colourful, make sure to give it a more serious disposition. Some bags are detailed with a rope repurposed as a drawstring, giving a very chic sensibility to a body made of pastel-shaded leather highlighted by the wild flower design or sporadic floral themes.

    The handles of bucket bags play an important role in adding the ‘fun’ to the functional. Either flat-duals or rolled-duals make for conventional options, but plain chains, woven metallic chains, inter-locked patterns, woven threaded handles and circular hoops give the neoteric spin to these wonder bags.

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