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Top Trending Athleisure Styles of 2018

A hybrid styling phenomenon, that gives someone a dynamic and city-ready savoir-faire was evident with the advent of the Athleisure trend. Athleisure literally means, a concoction of sportswear and ready-to-wear outfits with a high level of sophistication tuned in. The daunting task of changing to gym clothes post work or grooming up post a workout, sowed the seeds for a new time and effort saving relax-wear trend since 2016, adding comfort, class, and city-chic while implementing minor wardrobe rehashes. The liberty to mix and match different styles, fabrics, detailing and activewear fastening of daily casuals has made Athleisure an instant cult favorite among people of different ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicity.

Top 5 trending Athleisure brands in America and Celebrity Endorsements

Here are the brands which promote Athleisure clothing that has become a wardrobe staple for athletes, royals, corporate honchos, models, actors and hip-hop moguls.

  • Lululemon– Offers yoga-inspired athletic performance apparels for women and men and is promoted by celebs like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner
  • Alo Yoga– Sells statement sweatshirts, jackets and cover-ups and a whole range of studio to street lifestyle activewear promoted by Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Olivia Palermo.
  • Fabletics– Offers seamless sporting gear for women, accessories, and footwear founded by Kate Hudson and promoted by Demi Lovato.
  • Carbon38-Offers a good mix of vintage and modern Athleisure trends endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.
  • Adidas Y-3 -Partnered with Adidas, Yohji Yamamoto designs delectable performance activewear predominantly for men promoted by David Beckham, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams.

Where does Athleisure look Appropriate?

Actually, anywhere! A combination of fashion and functionality gives you the comfort of activewear, while quintessentially blurring the line between workout and daily essentials clothing. Certain trends have been adopted from the 80s and the 90s and revamped to create this eclectic trend.

Styling with Athleisure is limitless, they can add style value to various places like:

  • Running daily errands
  • Workout sessions
  • Casual business meetings
  • Travel or hectic airport runs
  • Clubbing and parties
  • Camping, trekking, hunting, and excursions
  • Casual dining or luncheons
  • Concerts and charity events
  • Salon or doctor appointments
  • Aerobics, Zumba, and Yoga
  • Dancing lessons

3 Popular Athleisure wears for Women

Summers witness an increased volume of gym memberships and activity. Signature clothing in cotton or linen works well as performance fabric, lending better sweat absorption, odor resistance and quick drying from dawn to sundown.

Likewise, winters demand warm clothing that may be accomplished through multiple layering or just a heavy set of protective clothing. Athleisure styles that suit both the seasonal clothing demands are commercially available for the taking. Let us explore the 3 popular athleisure wear trends for women:

  • Leggings and Cropped Tops
  • Windbreakers and Bomber Jackets
  • Vintage with a Twist

Leggings and Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops for Women
Cropped Tops for Girls

Pairing leggings with a great pair of shades, sneakers/ driving loafers or airy high-top trainers, denim or work jackets and an all-purpose tote or satchel can take them elegantly from a wellness workout session to a perfect casual on-the-job look without the need for any major rework. The crisp charm that this coupling embeds works well for women from different walks of life including students, stay-at-home moms, working professionals, sports enthusiasts etc. Leggings give you the desired comfort stretch, and they come in a variable number of fabrics and styles like cotton, lycra, linen, polyester, tapering, printed, ripped, laced, calf-length, stirrup, lounge etc. Cropped tops give an airy feeling which makes them summer perfect, and are available in different styles like asymmetric, corset, cross-strapped, half-sleeved, full-sleeved, crocheted etc.

Windbreakers and Bomber Jackets

Delta Diva Twill Sorority Jacket
Delta Diva Twill Sorority Jacket

The reasons these are in upscale vogue are their durability and design. Windbreakers are a springtime sensation, available in block prints, plain pastel shades, bright hues, stripes, plaids, anorak-style, hammered-style, camouflage etc with or without a hoodie. Pair them up with either vinyl pants or plaid trousers and sneakers or boots to give them the essential street groove. Bomber jackets work well with anything from an asymmetric dress to shredded jeans or wraparounds to give street-style spunk to your personality. Whether with the sleeves rolled up or kept retro, bombers can never fashion fade. To transit from workwear to an evening ensemble, switching the sneakers or moccasins to high-heel pumps or hybrid party boots should do the trick and if you desire you could also switch your sling dress for an uber-stylish sequined piece.

Vintage with a Twist

Vintage 90s Green Leather Trench Coat
Vintage 90s Green Leather Trench Coat

Vintage clothing for women ruffles on modern stretch pants, or boot-cut pants with the sporty double stripe, or Harem/Harlem pants with an elastic drawstring detail, all represent the Athleisure twist on vintage fashion. Cross-strap sandals, high-top sneakers, lace-up training shoes or simple block-heels give definite divinity to this fad. Accessorizing with a beret, a sports cap, or a bucket hat and a sling bag or a saddle bag brings mojo to your understated look.

3 Popular Athleisure wears for Men

Here are a few Athleisure trends that add debonair to the work-n-play schedules of men with an active lifestyle.

  • Pants, Tracksuits and Casual Activewear Trousers
  • Leather/Biker Jackets, Bombers, Puffers and Dusters
  • Victorious with Vintage

Let’s try to extract more details about these athleisure clothing for men.

Pants, Tracksuits and Casual Activewear Trousers

Jogger Pants for Men
Jogger Pants for Men

Cargos, chinos, jogger pants and technical sweatpants add luxe comfort to street styling when merged with military-style waistcoats, jackets, shirts, nylon outerwear, plaid shirts, polo T-shirts, linen slim-fit shirts, jerseys, crew neck jumpers, sweaters, statement camels, basic hues, turtleneck shirts and a multitude of other options. Tracksuits give a hip-hop aura to every man’s look. Putting on a work blazer adds the eclectic charm and professional look while at work. Camouflage printed pants can also be teamed up with white t-shirts to render a suave look. Adding to your weekend chutzpah, are sporty sneakers and excursion boots.

Leather/Biker Jackets, Bombers, Puffers and Dusters

Leather or Biker Jackets for Men
Leather or Biker Jackets for Men

A leather or biker jacket over a slim fit T-shirt or hoodie can accentuate any hybrid look. The sporty vibe of the bomber jacket when blended perfectly with activewear pants and a pullover can create street style enigma. Dusters and military jackets speak volumes when it comes to promenading the streets daringly. Puffers with a beanie and functional, concealed pockets when paired with cuffed ankle joggers and slacks can give you undivided attention from peers.

Victorious with Vintage

Men's Vintage 90s Windbreaker L Reebok Jacket
Men’s Vintage 90s Windbreaker L Reebok Jacket

Classics are never really bygones, which holds true for Athleisure trends. Vintage wears for men like Polo shirts or oxford shirts of the yesteryears, striped patterns or plaids, Chelsea boots or driving shoes can be matched up with modern track pants or joggers or even distress jeans skilfully and optimally to give you a winning Athleisure combination. A great pair of aviators or rounded shades makes vintage come alive in an all-new street sporty setting. Even a good jumpsuit from the 70s can be redefined using a hoodie jacket and a pair of high-top block-printed sports sneakers to give you the top trend of the 21st century.

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