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Why is it Necessary to Have the Right Baby Gears?

After nine months of the utmost care and true selflessness for the sake of that cute little gift that would bring a new charm to the life of both of your parents, it becomes all the more important to continue that care and love given the harsh world your newborn is about to face. With the right kind of gear and essentials, the process can be a lot smoother. Here, I’d tell you about some very essential baby gears, the marketplace to find them and why are they needed. Read on!

Top 10 gears for a safer childhood

  1. Soft Swaddle Blankets: the most basic thing that you would need. After every diaper change and after every bath, swaddle blankets are the first needs. You use them to wrap your newborn so as to keep him collected and warm.
  2. A simple and easy-to-use Humidifier: it is the thing which is gonna make the nights so peaceful both for you and your child especially when s/he gets a cold. This device unblocks the clogged nostrils and makes it easier for the baby to breathe leading to better sleep.
  3. A fitting Moby Wrap: it is not only tiring but also impractical to hold your baby all day long. A moby wrap is like a pouch the Kangaroos have. You have the baby right in front of you, you carry him with you and still, your hands are free to perform other household jobs.
  4. Car seat Stroller: If you want your baby to watch the world with you, having an infant car seat is a must. Also, this keeps him safe with the seat belts.
  5. A simple-manual Breast Pump: This gadget is the best to use physics. It is advised to feed your child off breast milk at least for the first six months. A breast pump makes it more accessible for both of you and if you find it uneasy to breastfeed in the public, then a breast pump is the best solution. As the name suggests, you can pump milk using the pump and fill it up in the milk bottle for later use.
  6. Crawler: All growing babies love to run hither and thither. And in the process, they may hurt themselves. A crawler is like a walking companion for the kid, a supporter and thus preventing him from bumping into a wall and at the same time teaching him to walk and use his legs.
  7. Co-Sleeper: it is altogether a better idea to have an attachment to your bed than directly sharing your bed with your infant. It makes it accessible for you to provide any kind of assistance during the night and you all sleep well and sound.
  8. Play Yard: it can be a crib, a changing table, a bassinet, or a play area in all. This proves useful if you are traveling with your child and have other kids to after as well.
  9. Chew toys: having a set of attractive and soft-quality chew toys is a must-have. This keeps the baby busy and smiling.
  10. Rattles and other hanging toys: Babies respond magically to the sweet melody of rattles and all those hanging toys lighten their sobby faces.

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