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ART DEALING – Probably the Best Profession for the Admirers of Art

Art is something that could be as simple as the alphabet or as complex as the universe, hiding all the mysteries inside; folded, yet unfolded. It provides the artists a medium to express their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and even provides a place where they could put in their creative imagination beholding technical proficiency, emotional power, conceptual ideas, beauty, and much more.

Who made art a profitable profession?

The practice of art dealing took a giant leap forward during the Italian Renaissance when Giovanni Battista Della Palla sold the works of expert artists of his time to the king of France. Since those golden days of art, the world has experienced development and has been converted into a platform for the trading of fascinating and complex art pieces led by art dealers.

Giovanni Battista Della Palla was among the first art dealers internationally who made his way to his mention in the history books. Giorgio Vasari commemorates Giovanni in his astounding series of biographies, The Lives of the Artists, for initiating sales of artworks by the greatest of artists to the French king. He is called a “two-bit merchant” by several historians. He was eventually imprisoned as a traitor thus, forming an image of an inglorious character for the people. There is no exact confirmed account with a well-backed-up story that tells how his life ended. Various accounts exist, it’s not sure whether he was beheaded at Pisa or ended up taking his own life in prison. Whatever he did, even after initiating this profession of trading artworks, he has established negative stereotypes about the art dealers that even persist today. But of course, things are much better for this profession’s reputation and there are people who understand the basic idea and have knowledge that directs their trust and admiration towards the profession.

Firm grounds must be established for trade

Art dealers are always interested and are in search of what is new and exciting is happening that attains great value in the art industry. They ought to be well aware of the rapidly evolving trends and preferences that dominate and rule the world of art. One must have the ability to figure out the artists who’ll possess great value in the future, whose fame won’t be affected by the ups and downs of time. The relationship between the artist and dealers should be based upon trust making it stronger day by day.

It behooves any growing art dealer to at least establish a cursory grounding in the wide arena of such a complex yet beautiful field. One must pay attention to the details of each and every aspect of this business to get out the most from it. One may never know about the intentions of any dealer; they may resell the bought artwork at a much greater price. Thus, having ample knowledge about the various types of art and their value in the world helps in an appropriate estimation of its price. The profit margin for reselling artworks must be beneficial in every aspect so that neither the art is demeaned nor the seller.

Key players of the industry

Here are some art dealers from whom you’ll gain knowledge to enhance your skills in the field. All you have the ability to establish yourselves as the most influential and ground-breaking dealers in the artistic world, you just need to polish them.

Paul Durand- Ruel

He championed the painters of Barbizon school in France. Excellence in art is in his genes. Paul was born in 1831 into a family of art dealers! He became the first modern art dealer who supported his artists providing them monthly stipends as well as giving them opportunities to showcase their artworks in their solo exhibitions. His father owned a gallery which he took over after his father’s death. Paul started supporting Impressionists, the controversial group of artists and created various innovative methods to promote and disseminate their works. In 1886, an exhibition was organized by Paul for Impressionism in New York. which turned out to be a huge success. This event made Impressionism more powerful and their art was added to significant collections.

In his lifetime, he possessed tremendous amounts of artworks at a profitable price!

Leo Castelli

Leo Castelli is the most famous influential artist and dealer of the 60s. He initiated the step to move beyond abstract expressionism and supported various artists and styles through representation who he believed had the potential to achieve success in the future. Castelli was always eager to show the most cutting-edge art of his time. Initially, he created his powerful impact and marked his presence by giving representation to Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg in his art gallery. Although these artists entered the art world while abstract expressionism was ruling the world of art, yet they marked a magnificent transformation towards a completely new and unknown area in the wide arena of the art world.

There are many more art dealers who have gained great expertise in the art industry through their optimistic view towards the world and their belief in the art of several artists. They created firm bonds with those artists who they believed had the potential to shine bright in the future. They had the courage to challenge the famous dominant artforms and introduce the world to a completely new one.

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