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Wireless Charging with Anker PowerWave and Wireless Charger

What is wireless charging?

The transfer of power from a power outlet to your device without the use of a connecting cable is known as wireless charging.

A power transmitting pad and a receiver are used, which can be in the form of a case attached to a phone or built into the phone itself. The pad will have a cable running from the outlet into it, thus we didn’t say it was completely cable-free.

What is the process of wireless charging?

Wireless charging is based on inductive charging, which uses an electrical current to create an electromagnetic field by passing it through two coils.

The magnetic field generates an electrical current within the device when the receiving magnetic plate on the mobile device comes into contact with the transmitter – or at least within the set range. After that, the current is converted to direct current (DC), which charges the built-in battery.

Key Features of the Product

  • An Effortless Charging Experience – Place your phone or other Qi-enabled devices on the stand, and PowerWave will take care of the rest.
  • Wireless Charging Optimised – Provides a full 7.5W wireless charger for your iPhone, ensuring optimal charging for Qi-enabled devices such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and others.
  • Superior Protection – Foreign object identification, short circuit protection, temperature management, and other features are included in the patented MultiProtect safety system, so you can enjoy Qi-certified wireless charging with complete peace of mind.
  • Suiting the Charge- While charging horizontally, you can watch videos or movies, or switch to vertical charging for chatting and facial recognition.
  • A Galaxy of Speed: The Samsung Galaxy is equipped with a high-efficiency processor that allows for 7.5W high-speed charging.
  • Friendly to Cases: Don’t get tangled up in your phone case. Protective cases allow PowerWave to charge directly.
  • Long cable – A long cable of 6ft allows for easy connection, even if you are sitting far from your switch.

What are some of the benefits of wireless charging?

  • A more secure way to charge your phone.
  • It’s as simple as placing your phone on the charging station.
  • Reduces the amount of strain on your phone’s charging port.
  • If you run out of juice and don’t have a cable, you can still charge your phone using Qi wireless charging stations that are being deployed in various locations across the world.

Bottom Line

With this white Anker PowerWave+ wireless charger, you can keep your Qi-enabled Apple smartphone and Apple Watch charged at all times. The 7.5W output offers rapid, reliable charging, and the case-friendly design allows you to charge your phone without taking it out of its protective case. This Anker PowerWave+ wireless charger features a small design with a fold-down watch that stands for simple storage or packing while traveling.

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