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5 Technologies that are shaping VR & AV trends in 2018

Running a business is the name of fighting jaw crushing competition and expertly reaching to the right audience at the right time. There are tons of ways to reach out to the clientele especially with digital marketing it has become more diverse. But, that’s not the only thing to achieve, you need to be close to them at right time and most importantly have an emotional relationship with them. That’s certainly possible with interacting face to face. Some brands do it occasionally but the ones that know its importance, never hesitate meeting face to face couple of times in a month. The trade show, conference, seminar, Expo, business meeting are all the same ingredients to reach out to them. But, today is the world of technology. How does technology come in to play its role let’s see below?

The time is over when we used to stockpile documents to keep records. It can now easily be done with cloud-based systems. Also, the use of papers has greatly cut down with word processing coming into play a role on different devices. All these technologies collectively have influenced and made their way into the world of business  and eCommerce marketplaces. Business events that provide them a chance to connect with clients are mostly driven by technology. Let’s have a look technologies that are shaping trends used in VR and AV for business events.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the new boom in our lives. It has quickly taken the world with storm. Today we can see virtual reality being implemented in every department of life. Business arena was more than quick to invite VR into its world. Now, we see VR embedded into various business applications. Business meetings, expo’s, conferences and trade shows all feature

Giant LED video walls and screens:

Giant LED video walls are the best resource to use when in corporate gatherings. The trade show, conference and other professional gatherings that are free to join mostly get hundreds of thousands of foot traffic. But, as the number of exhibitors is more, it becomes difficult to get your message to a large pool of attendees. This is where these giant LED monitors to play their role in promoting the business high in the market. A huge screen can output your message to a couple of hundred miles. You can either greet customers by displaying their photos or can promote your business by displaying promotional offers.

iPad, Tablet and mobile devices:

The biggest advantage and essence of connecting with your customers are giving them hands-on with your products. Product demonstrations and displays are the best way to build most engaged and loyal clientele. iPad is the best for the device to do so. Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental revealed in its study that most of the exhibitors are shifting their weight towards iPad, tablet devices. iPad rentals services are also providing tablet devices equipped with latest and modern event management software applications. Moreover, iPad can be used in screen sharing, audience interaction, audience to speaker interaction and also at the registration desks.


Robots may not fall into AV and VR category still they can create a buzz for you during the event. A robot can help audience in a number of ways. From a simple robotic welcome to a complete booth guide, these can provide visitors with an unforgettable experience in trade shows. Also, these can be used in a variety of purpose for events like a conference, product launch, or software exhibition. Being memorable during the event is the essence of all heavy lifting companies do, even some companies hire actors and lookalikes for this particular reason. But, studies backup using robots as people like to interact more with technologies they have never seen before.

Wearable technologies:

In the world of audiovisual and virtual reality, there’s so much to offer. Wearable technologies can help greatly in connecting with the audience and also with the speaker. The more connected you and your audiences are, the more beneficial and targeted you can be. Also, these wearable technologies create a memorable experience for attendees in manifold ways. A USA based exhibitor once used wristbands that can share your information with email, phone number or website to any of the attendees. Also, attendees could use the wristbands to connect and share information with each other.


Business has to grow and there are limitless choices for one to expand it. VR and AV driven business events are the best way to reach out to potential clients. Latest audio-visual technologies like a charging station, iPad, tablet, video walls are the ultimate solution when connecting with your potential customers. Virtual reality also does play a great role but you should be specific when choosing any for your event. Technology rental services also make it very easy to leverage virtual reality while staying on budget.

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