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Top Five Home Decor Trends for 2018 and Related Products

Trendy homes never go out of vogue. Living in a space that is aesthetically enhanced has a charm of its own. When it comes to American homes, the trendiest and sometimes the wackiest home decor products shape the interiors. Some of the jaw-dropping homes have been changed constantly with newer ideas to give their interiors a key look. Your home is your happy place where you unwind, relax and feel your best. So, let us look into some trending home decor products that would scale-up the look of your interiors and give them an eclectic innovation.

Animal Themed Furniture and Decor

Animal Themed Monkey, Elephant, Lion Home Decor

Animal art is the latest phenomenon all over America. This is a treat to animal lovers who want to include a touch of magic to their homes. Animal-inspired interior looks add wit, charm and an element of surprise to guests who would definitely have some fun watching these spectacular pieces. Animal-themed pieces such as the ones listed below have inspired the looks of homes across America.

  • Brass and Bronze Cocktail Tables
  • Dolphin Garden chair
  • Wildlife-based Canvas Art
  • Magazine Racks
  • Book Shelves
  • Turtle Footrest
  • Horse Lamp Shades
  • Pigeon Coffee Tables
  • Floating Animal Wall Decor
  • Animal-themed Photo Frames
  • African Safari Statuette Dining Table Decor
  • Jungle Themed Wall Hangings
  • Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Themed Wall Paintings
  • Animal-inspired Wood Carvings
  • Animal design doormats and rugs
  • Basket-weaved Elephant Console Tables

Adding warmth and positiveness to each corner, these animal-inspired decorative collectibles are often made of sustainable materials which is a bonus really since living in a beautiful home with a guilt-free conscience is what makes this trend amazing.

Art Decor with Faces

Funny Faces Home DecorFor those who like a modern set up, with interiors that are animated, face art decor is for you. Both vintage and contemporary paintings, face wood art, murals, furniture, pillows, bed linen, doormats, rugs etc sport human faces with varied expressions these days. The interest in human face art has renewed over the years accumulating great momentum since the past few years. Either rich color schemes or basic chromatic schemes are used for this kind of art.

Floral decor themes are also being implemented these days with abstract face art being in demand at most homes. Digital prints are easier and provide clarity over oil-painted art. You could either add a rustic look to your homes with oil painted medieval face art or totally add an urban charm through digital face art on canvas, on animated backgrounds, or even crystal ware.

Various face themes like expressions, feelings, anatomic, cultural, historical etc. are used that bring life to these arts with their exquisite detailing and color schemes.

Terrazzo Inspired Art

decorative Birds of MarbleTerrazzo art is the newest sensation in the home decor scene, simply because of its sophisticated look and the designing flexibility that it offers.

So, what is Terrazzo? A precast or molded composite material that is used extensively for different wall and floor treatments with chips of marble, granite, quartz, and other material that is bound by a cement-like polymetric material. It is polished and given a plush finish to suit different interior requirements. The Terrazzo-inspired pattern can also be incorporated on fabric. Creativity and colors are used to bring Terrazzo into life. This trend is used for designing coffee tables, flooring panels, wall decorative items, handmade terrazzo bowls and serving boards, table bases, wallpapers, kitchen countertops, lamp shades, flower vases, hand-crafted products, pillow covers, bathmats, and much more because of its eye-catching design and luxe rendition.

Some Trending Home Decor Products inspired by Terrazzo available online are:

  • Wall Art
  • Paper Collectibles like wall posters
  • Lamp Shades
  • Bed Linen
  • Crockery Set
  • Photo Frames
  • Gift Wrappers
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Wall Clocks
  • Table Mats

The vivid patterns embrace the Boho theme and speak volumes about the opulent European Design heritage. Many homes in America are stylising this traditional confetti-art and giving them a touch of personal twists to make them more contemporary.

Exotic Plant Decor

Mix Style Plant Decor HomeExquisite flora and foliage can be sleep-inducing in the bedroom while also radiating positiveness in a living room set up. Adding a vibrant aura to your daily life, these modern plants add urban mystique to your space. Some of the trending items that are in high demand are:

  • Madagascar Dragon Tree
  • Succulent Collection
  • Ferns in Pots or Hanging Baskets
  • Japanese Five Needle Pine Bonsai
  • Potted Nest Fern
  • Trident Maple

These plants add complex beauty to the urban interiors while creating a sustainable balance the is refreshing to the mind and rejuvenates while sticking to the modern contemporary design code. These are not hard to maintain and come with moderate pricing tags. Exotic plants represent beauty most naturally. It is important to maintain the sanctity of a space while giving it an organic upliftment, and this exotic foliage collection does just that.

Color Pop Trends

Floral Duvet ColrletThe designs in 2018 are characterized by color, flamboyance, and a revisit to the Boho era where anything and everything was represented with a rich display of colors. The pop of color trends can transform any demure setting into a vivacious space and also helps in experimenting with personal choices. The liberty to mix and match while giving a soulful elevation to the interior decor is what this trend offers the designers. It mainly involves choosing two heavy color themes and going with the flow to incorporate other colors to finish the design with different levels of creativity. Color coordination is important in this trend and playing with bright hues is the modus operandi of the color-pop trend. If you have neutral walls then you could implement blues, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, violets, and a mix of the lighter shades like peach, aqua, light blue etc to finish up the decor tastefully. If you have the penchant for bright colors, pop art, and exotic styles then this trend is for you. Some of the products of this trend available online are:

  • Duvet Covers
  • Regale Cushions
  • Cross Bottom Marble Tables
  • Tassel Bedroom Rugs
  • Color Pop Lampshades
  • Bed Linen (Boho-Inspired)
  • Peruvian blankets
  • Dreamcatcher wall art hanging

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