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Age-by-Age Guide to Buy Toys for Children

Children love to explore and playing games gives them a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills. Sometimes, It becomes very difficult to choose toys for them as there is a huge variety available to choose from. So, how do you decide to buy toys of the utmost quality that will keep a child’s interest for more than a few weeks? Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss some ideas for choosing toys that will help to nurture their overall development. I hope this blog can give you an idea of how to shop for the right toys and games to extend the playtime of your child. To buy toys for your child, you can visit TrueGether, one of the best free Shopify alternatives to save your time and money.

Toys for 0-12 Months

To commence, the baby is very delicate at an early age and his vision is blurry too therefore he can not perceive his surroundings. He only sees things that are bright and boldly patterned. That’s why the toys for this age group are designed to promote interaction in a variety of ways like reacting to crackling noise, soft and cuddly toys to prevent tooth pain. You can buy Bright colored multi-patterned toys, Rattles, Activity boards, Soft colorful stuffed animals, Stuffed fabric balls, and much more.

Toys for 1-3 Years

This age group loves to play with those toys that respond to their actions and makes use of newly acquired motor skills. They will love games like hitting a ball with a bat or toys that play and contact characters that pop up. The baby will enjoy interacting with these toys and he will surely be exposed to laughter. You can buy Push- or pull-toys that make noise, Musical instruments like drums, Play vehicles such as a fire engine, and Ride-on toys.

Toys for 4-7 Years

This age is great to learn and get introduced to interactive educational toys that teach verbal skills such as mini computers. Your child starts asking for a particular toy, especially computer games. You can also buy art and craft supplies, Construction sets, Puzzles, Dress-up clothes such as Barbies, Transportation toys such as train stations, Board games, Soccer and Basketballs, Bicycles, Remote-control cars, Magnets, and much more.

Toys for 8+ Years

When a child steps into this age, he starts removing his interest from board games and loves to enjoy outdoor sports. He also loves to ride scooters, bicycles, and in-line skates. Moreover, children of this age group procure adult-like interests and hobbies. Girls love to spend time doing crafts whereas boys find a computer and video games irresistible. This age group is all about doing things that provide a sense of mastery and savviness. Szymanski says. Kids of this age always challenge themselves to achieve better goals than they did the time before. Furthermore, they love to compete with their friends so that they can prove their superiority. Some of them love to work on longer projects that might take days to complete. You can buy Computer and video games, Craft kits, Science kits, Outdoor sporting equipment, Intricate construction sets, and Board games like Monopoly.

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