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Cars and Trucks

Cars and trucks both are wheeled motor vehicles used for transportation but there is a lot of difference between them.

Cars are mainly designed for transporting people from one place to another while trucks are used for transportation of things and goods from one to another place. Cars are small in size for a maximum capacity of holding 8 people including drivers also. Whereas trucks have a capacity of about 55 tons. Some specialized cars are designed to carry a lot of people and this car is commonly known as Van. Another type of car i.e a race car is designed to go very fast around a track, to race against other cars. The trucks vary in size from pickup trucks to very large trucks. These large trucks are used in mining and heavy landscape applications. Overall cars are more affordable to purchase than large vehicles.

There are a lot of manufacturing companies who manufactured cars as well as trucks. A lot of companies only produced cars. There is a lot of car segment which runs over the road. Like SUV, Compact, Sedan, MUV, mini, etc. Toyota holds the rank 1st in car manufacturing company in the world. This company is based in JAPAN while Volkswagen group whose origin is from Germany, second-largest manufacturing companies built many segments of cars and trucks also. Some cars are manual while some are automatic. Like this some trucks are manual and some are automatic. We are in an era of invention and technology. Lots of companies try to use the latest technology. So why do car companies hold last in this race?

That is the reason car manufacturing companies introduced the latest technology i.e electronic car vehicles. These cars did not operate with petrol or diesel, instead, the engines operated by electronic supply or battery power, hence the consumption of petrol and diesel will be at the lowest peak in the future. While trucks are mostly operated by diesel. Perhaps in the future truck manufacturing companies move their vision forward to electronic technology. There are a lot of differences between cars and trucks. The first and major difference is horsepower. You can expect the average car horsepower to fall between 180 and 200 horsepower in a mainstream car. However, larger and more luxurious vehicles, like an SUV or performance sedan, will often have a base-level engine that exceeds 300 horsepower. A small car has less than 100 horsepower. Semi-truck engines are about six times larger than those found inside passenger cars.

On average, semi-truck horsepower ranges from 400 to 600 hp, while the average lb-ft of torque ranges from 1,000 to 2,000. Depending upon truck quality horsepower differs. Trucks also have many designs and sizes. According to size-wise trucks can be divided into four categories. Pickup truck, semi-truck, truck, and trailer. Pickup trucks can have four wheels whereas semi-trucks can have six wheels and trucks have 8-12 wheels whereas trailers can have up to 30 wheels depending upon their size and weight.

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