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Day and night skin care routine

 Day and Night Skin Care Routine

We all are conscious about our skin care routine but how to find the most suitable skin care routine for ourselves according to the dermatologist?

Well, this article has got a kind of guide for the perfect skin care routine for all of us. So, are you ready for it? Let’s go!

Are you willing to start up a skin care routine for yourself, but you are encountering some questions regarding that? How many products should I use? What are the products that I should use? What are the right products for my skin? What should be the order for applying the products? And what are the products good for? These are the questions that may be triggering in your mind.

In order to get the most benefit out of your regular skin care regimen, a board certified dermatologist who is the founder and an owner as well, recommends to follow the three simple steps in order to catch up a perfect skin care routine. Those steps include cleanse, treat and moisturise. You may be having problems in understanding the terms. But you will get to understand each of them as the article moves ahead.

As per the dermatologists, treating your skin means to use serums or the creams which are packed full of skin care masters such as vitamin C, Alpha hydroxy acid, retinol and many more. According to them, this can make a great difference for your skin’s health over time and in the appearance as well, and also the aging of your skin.

Here is a basic step by step everyday skin care routine that we should be using in our everyday life since the products are recommended by the dermatologists.

Our daytime skin care routine –


Cleansing your face is the first and foremost step of a proper skin care routine. What matters in this case, is the type of cleanser you are using for your skin. Using a gentle face wash is the way to go, specifically if you are planning on using the more active ingredients down the line. But according to the dermatologists, cleansing too much or too often is very harsh to your skin and it breaks down the skin barrier.


Toning your face is an optional step but in case you are having a toner of your choice then you should absolutely go for it and use it on your face. The dermatologist says that toning your face maybe a great way for balancing the pH of your skin. In case you are having an acne prone skin, then you should go for a toner that contains the ingredients such as salicylic acid in order to calm the break outs. And in case you are having a dry or a sensitive skin, then you should go for a hydrating toner in order to soothe your skin.

Vitamin C serum

When we talk about using serums, dermatologist recommends to use a vitamin C serum in the day. He says that everyone should use the vitamin C serum regardless of your age. According to him, serum helps in reversing most of the damage we get from the pollution or the sun. He insists to buy a vitamin C serum which contains a quite stable form of the vitamin C such that the molecule is able to soak into our skin.

Eye cream

Eye creams are generally included in the ‘treat’ category. You need to just dab the eye cream on your eyes just with your ring finger so that you do not at any case cause any damage to your eye area.


After treating your skin nicely, you should now use a moisturizer for your skin as it keeps the skin well hydrated and also helps in strengthening the skin barriers present in your skin. For using it during daytime, it is insisted to opt for a lighter moisturiser so that it soaks in quickly and will not cause the pilling under makeup.


This is considered to be the most important step among all the other steps in your skin care routine. According to the dermatologist, if you are not wearing any sunscreen, it is vague for you to do any of the above steps for your skin care. He says that sun is the principal reason of why people’s skin age prematurely.

Our night time skin care routine

You would definitely need to turn up your skin care routine from the day one to the night. It is of course because of the requirement of SPF while you are sleeping. And according to the dermatologist, night skin care routine is the perfect time for ensuring that your skin gets as many nutrients as well as the active ingredients as possible since our skin re generates and then repairs itself while we are sleeping. For night time, the skin care routine is just a bit different from that of the daytime. The basic steps are-


The dermatologist insists to go for a gentle cleanser however for night he insists to use a cleanser that may help you to take off your makeup such as any oil based face wash. He also adds up that we can even try double cleansing method with a water based face wash after using an oil cleanser in order to clean up any kind of dirt or oil out of pores.


In order to use a toner at night you need to just apply it in the same way you did in the morning. This goes just before applying any serum or any kind of treatment.

Treatments and serums

The dermatologist recommends to use Alpha hydroxy acid which helps to brighten the skin by cutting off the dead skin cells and in building collagen and improving the radiance. If you are willing to include retinol in the skin care routine, then as per the dermatologist it is best to apply retinol during the night time skin care routine as it is a form of Vitamin A which helps in decreasing the visible wrinkles, pore size, and the bright spots.

Eye cream

The dermatologist recommends her patients to train their eyes to make it handle more of the active ingredients such as retinol to reap its benefits. The moment you start to train your skin to tolerate more active products just around the eyes, you will be able to see more changes and you can even pat a bit of your serum or any treatment around your eye area and then use your favourite eye cream.

Face oil

Face oils are known to be a best way to lock in the moisture while you are sleeping. People have a wrong mindset that if they are having acne or oily skin, their skin is  going to break out with the oils, which is not at all true. It can really help to hydrate and soften the skin specifically if you are using any active ingredient such as retinol or the Alpha hydroxy acids, face oils turn out to be a great way for adding an extra boost of moisture on your skin.


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