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Home theatre projectors

Home Theatre projectors

Projectors are known to offer an unparalleled option of a screen size at the price point along with several 100 inch screen projectors that comes in at, well below the price of her 65 inch or a 55 inch television. But then what about the content other than the prestige TV shows or the movies? Or what about the normal daily use such as your cable TV sitcoms or your favourite news channels? So, are the projectors good for these purposes too?

Undoubtedly, you may surely use ‘Our home Theatre projector’ for normal daily TV watching. This would not put your projector although it may also run the bulb’s life a bit down at a faster rate and it may also lead to a way better overall experience of watching TV that too after much lower price point than most of the larger televisions.

A projector maybe expensive but in reality it is not more expensive than even the very large televisions. It has more wow factors in a space but we should still know about the advantages or disadvantages of the home theatre projectors.

Pros and consequences of a home theatre projectors for an everyday watching purpose

There are Several reasons why using a home Theatre projector for daily watching purpose is either a good idea or a bad idea. It also depends on the room in which the projector is located, or the people watching it and a lot more.

Pros of using a home theatre projector for daily watching purposes.

Unbelievable price advantage over that of the large television options –

The large ultra HD smart LED television such as those of LG, are available on many of the online selling sites at a price of around two thousand dollars. This price is really a great shock when it comes to comparing it’s price with the other gadgets such as home theatre projectors. But the main thing is that this TV is however smaller than a 100 inch screen and a projector has that screen range and that too under a low piece than those televisions having smaller screen size range. Some of the projectors include the ‘XGIMI H2 4K smart projector’ having a screen range of 300 inches diagonal projector screen and at a worth of around less than that of the 86 ‘’ LG television. Isn’t it amazing?? Yes !! Buy one for yourself today.

User’s experience about the projectors

Without any doubt, the huge screen of the projector makes even a dull video more interesting and compelling. Whether it be a blockbuster movie or news or sitcoms, etc, watching all of these on a larger screen makes all your normal shows to a more engaging one. It becomes a part of our daily life, where we are compelled to watch even the normal shows on that big screen projector. And hence, this elevates our experience to something even more substantial. One of the biggest advantage of seeing anything on that projector’s big screen is that the screen size gets easier to the eyes since it provides a wide field of view, which actually mimics the way how the light in the real world works. Moreover, if you are very much fond of watching TV but suffering from eye problems such as eye strains, etc, then the projectors make it easy to get rid of those issues. You can then watch any number of TV shows on that big screen.

Consequences of using a projector for the everyday television watching

A projector has a higher operating cost which is driven by the bulb

A typical projector bulb has a life span of about 2000 hours but that too goes away too quickly if you are using it for the everyday television watching purpose. And on top of that, if you are a person who has a habit to keep the TV on, in the background while you are busy with your morning prep or you keep it on all evening, then you are most likely to have a chance of getting 8 hours a day of run time which ultimately adds up to 2000 hours only after 250 days, which is not even a full year!

However, Projector industries and specifically those of the high end projectors, are gradually moving on from the traditional low life incandescent bulbs to the long lasting LED lamps.

This increased the lamp life span up to an order of magnitude. For example, the XGIMI H2 has a life span that claims up to 3000 hours of use.

There is another hidden advantage of the projector that it is probably a bit cheaper to run as compared to television.

It might be difficult for you to get your television onto your projector for purposes such as streaming services that typically run as apps or like those of the streaming sticks, they are usually a bit simpler solution to get the content on your projector – whichever box you may be using for running your setup- may it be a computer or a Xbox you can always get the Netflix downloaded or the Hulu and there you go!

If we talk about the traditional TV feeds which you buy from any cable company, there may be a few more loops to jump through. In case your cable box needs to get tethered to the wall where it can get the access to a cable Jack or an Ethernet, the placement becomes a problem. In case you are putting the cable box at the projector, you need to run the cable line to it, there itself.

Even more complex audio setup

Televisions almost have the in-built speakers which are good enough for the everyday use purpose. While having speakers built in, they often sound cheap with the tinny highs and the non-existent lows.

Wherever there is a television having a big enough width in order to have the right as well as left or two speakers, the projector not only lacks the width to play with, but it is also frequently mounted above you but not at the video surface. Hence, if you are willing to use the projectors built in sound speakers, it will get too old quickly. This simply means that you have to solve the audio problem which is related to the projector so that you do not have to fuss with it all when you are using a television.

So now that we can easily see why using a projector for the normal TV watching purposes is not simple or is not just possible, it can be a compelling option too. If you are already willing to get a larger TV, a projector may be one of the phase for you to get a better experience than that, without even sacrificing for much money or by spending less money.

Under the selection of the Home Theatre projector screen you just cannot take it as a one size fits all. There are many categories to select from – right from a simple pull down projector to the motorised screen of the projectile, getting adjusted to the multiple aspect ratios. Hence, there is a huge variety of the materials available here at this online selling site which is one of the best eBay alternatives. Some of the materials such as the ones that allow the audio to pass through and some of the materials that absorb light and some of them are the ones who provide high contrast. Even the type of projection plays an important role in selecting your projector. The different types of predictions include the rear or front projection surfaces.

It does not matter whether you are willing to buy a simple pull down projector having a white matte material or a large venue fixed dreams green for outside viewing, this amazing online site helps you to simplify your selection as well as educating you on the new and varied Technologies and also provides you with the recommendation according to your budget and your needs.

There are certain steps that needs to be kept in mind while selecting a projector screen Determining the size of the screen

It is recommended to recognise the optimum size of the screen according to your room dimensions as well as the planned audience seating size and the room arrangement. Basically, the height of the screen should be around 1 by 6 of the distance between the screen and the back row of seating. And the front role of seating should have the distance of about dual screen Heights from the screen. And for the wall placement wall purpose, one of the best considerations made for the height is the audience floor that is- the lower part of the screen must be of at least four feet just above the floor in order to allow the back role to view the screen properly.

Selecting the proper aspect ratio

It is recommended to choose the proper aspect ratio according to the type of applications that you will be projecting. Some of the aspect ratio formats include ratios like 1.85:1, 1.6:1, 1.78:1, 1.33:1, 2.35:1 etc.

At present, there are five distinct home Theatre projectors available here at TrueGether for sale, which is offered by entirely two different sellers. One of the top merchandising home Theatre projectors are the ‘DOPROJECTOR’- ORIGINAL HD PORTABLE POCKET PROJECTOR ‘ having the feature of free shipping, at a worth of around 62.95 dollars. Keep visiting this online marketplace to know about the latest offers on the latest brands of the best projectors so that you do not miss out any of the best deals to shop for your favourite home Theatre projectors. Get one for your home today!

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