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Top 10 Styles of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

It was that splendid time of the year when some of the most influential fashion houses proved their prominence and debunked some fashion myths on the runway of Paris Fashion Week.

Some of the Maisons de la mode that shined like a diamond are Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chanel, Alexander Mc Queen, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Sacai, Givenchy, Valentino, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and a myriad of others.

There was variety and all of them stuck to a global theme, which was the feministic influence on dynamic world cultures and societies. A representation of the global order of things shaping the world was neatly executed on the fashion hotbed. Some of the trends were blatant while the others stuck to a sober but bold face off.

We bring to you the top ten of those collections which really did impress.

Sleeves with a Purpose

Statement sleeves have not been given their due importance until now. The PFW however, was an exception to that. An obsession with airy freedom has given birth to easy-to-move cuts and styles on the sleeves. Brands such as Céline, Valentino, and Balmain stuck to the themes through their graceful creations.

Flowy, jangled, and fluttering sleeves which were romantic and modern made the cut. Monotones partnered well with these sleeves that had volume, frills, folds, fluid lines, and drapes cementing jaws to the floor with their subtle vibrancy.

The ‘Dye’ing Phenomenon

‘A breath of fresh air’ is what this was meant to be and it was just that! The Maisons that conquered hands down were Prada and Stella McCartney. The reasons being that firstly, they brought back pointers from trends that were almost buried, and secondly, they did so impeccably. The hippy-styled tie dye manifestation did not fade even once and gave that glorious feel-good harbinger delightfully with the right color combinations. Bravo!

Rock n Roll with Bohemian

Okay! We had a lot of déjà vu moments and recalling encounters when brands like Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, and Chloé did the ‘tada’ on us. The rebels of the 70’s did the sugar-coated rock maneuver on us and it felt justified for once. The Gypset- style with an inclination towards luxury had an overpowering trait that softly whispered, ‘It’s my world and I’ll do what I need, to win it’.

Dark tones of red, brown, and gray caught the enthusiasts’ attention with an undertone of liberal determination. I feel like I have become a girl, just kidding.  It is always a pleasure to write about the events of Paris Fashion Week no matter what my gender is.

Feathery Fortune

There is not a dull moment with these beauties and you may wonder how they would turn out during Spring/Summer. We say, just fine! Because Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Loewe just showed us how. Bird watching has a new meaning after the enormous feathers took center stage. There was sexy, stylish, bold, and colorful in them.

The couture silhouettes and their sensuality were the subject matter of deep discussion. The only fine line between the freedom of expression and absolute mayhem were those elegant layers of feathers that enthused us to fly.

Apparent Athleisure

We hate to say “I told you so” but Athleisure was apparently everywhere. This time cycling shorts played the protagonist in the fashion drama set in Paris. Chanel, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli did just right when they pitched in these fashion superheroes to do the job for them.

The anatomically-advanced material, the generous stretch, and the high-end upgrade made sporting them a cakewalk. This is an evergreen trend that is going to endure numerous changes over the years to come. Don’t be shocked when you see these brands showcasing this even for the next generation.

Caught in the Fishnet

This exercise is an everyday affair, but at PFW, it became a trendsetting phenomenon. The trend that had taken a hiatus is back with a bang. It is all summery, utilitarian, and breezy. Perfect cut-out designs and flowy shredding made mismatch a style statement while notching up the sporty quotient. Some of these trends were permeated by the genius designs from J.W. Anderson, Dior, and Sonia Rykiel. So, this is how fashion-friendly fishnets look like.

Denim Direction

Denim has a universal appeal. They are cooling and mesmerizing. At the PFW, we saw patchwork in Denim gain momentum and it is simply the style that cannot be taken for granted. Denim patches were asymmetrically and remarkably sewn into thick fabric jackets, robes, and long shirts. Denim is a movement rather than a fashion statement and this fact was being embraced by Missoni, Isabel Marant, and Coach 1941 quite deftly.

Warrior Princess’ Wisdom

The warrior woman may be forgotten but her fashion statement with her gear was simply something that belonged to another world. Whether it is a futuristic warrior, a medieval unsung hero, or a spaceship knight, warrior princesses were in their element at the PFW.

All embellished in silver, their garbs did outshine the rest with some intriguing elements like cut-outs and bling belts. It seemed like fashion was headstrong in promoting neo-feminism. Brands that captured this fashion perfectly were Louis Vuitton, Alexander Mc Queen, and Givenchy.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever did spread on the ramp and the models were not quarantined due to the sheer elegance that they disposed of. The pop art culture was fragmented into yellow shades in wraparound robes, work suits, skirts, and raincoats. This summer color was given its true value through energetic yellows that were luminously bedazzling. The brands that encapsulated bold and beautiful in yellow were Balenciaga, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

Geometric Shoulders

Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on. The more rounded that they are, the better it is. Puffed and Geometrically enhanced shoulders were in vogue and not only did they give volume but also a character to the arms. Gucci, Balenciaga, and Valentino did the power play quite diplomatically with these curvy elements.


Many more trends made the cut, but these are the top ten that really made their way into the fashion critics’ heart. Fashion houses promoted essential feminism calling it a birthright that may have fallen but has never been broken.

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