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Traditional clothing all over the world

All over India, the type of clothing is based on the different geography, climate,  ethnicity and cultural traditions of people of each region all over India. Since the ancient times, the clothing of people has evolved greatly from just simple garments such as kaupina, lungi, sari, salwar kameez, etc (just in order to cover the body) to the long and huge dressing styles or costumes in festive occasions as well as daily wears or even as rituals and dance performances. Western clothing type is quite common in the urban areas and is uniformly worn by folks of each social level.

India has a huge diversified range in case of weaves, colours or fibers as well as the  material of cloth. Taken in some areas, there are even some colour codes that are followed on the basis of their concerned religion and ritual. The clothing style in India also cover up the huge varied range of Indian prints, embroidery, embellishment, hand work and styles of wearing clothes. The wide range of mixing up of the Indian traditional clothes and the western style  is seen almost all over India.

Right from the Indian sari to the conical hat of Vietnam, the whole world is completely full of varied varieties of traditional dresses. These traditional dresses are colourful, all are either emerged in history or is specified according to the country’s culture or even due to certain status or circumstances of that particular place. These dresses are not boring at all, instead they are very eye catching. Getting to know about them gives a great deal of knowledge into an insight of the country of which we are a part.

Here are the few items of traditional dresses worn all around the world-

The sari in India– Apparently, Sari is one of the simplest items possible in clothing. Sari is a single piece of fabric, which is about 9 metres long.  Sari is considered to be one of the world’s most stylish and versatile garments, which may be draped in a lot of varied ways all over the world. The sari basically depicts the Indian society, right from simple cotton fabrics, which are woven in the streets of Indian villages to the most glamorous or contemporary styles, gracing the catwalk that takes place during the India fashion week.

Kilts in Scotland- The kilts are known to represent the Scottish culture, and all the other Scottish traditions, etc right from the Brave heart to Strictly come dancing. This is just like the case of Mel Gibson’s costume worn as William Wallace. There are kilt wearing.

The moment you visit any Scottish Highland games, you will be able to see that the kilt wearing are still alive and well, although it is dressed immaculately by the competitive dancers as well as the pipe players dressed in a formal attire. And the most impressive part of this is that all of the participants playing in the heavy events just cannot toss a caber for you properly until they are wearing a kilt.

Tracht worn in Southern Germany and Austria-

Tracht is a kind of lederhosen for males and a kind of dirndls for females. It is a type of traditional dress worn all over Southern Germany and Austria. There are still some variations in the basic style of this traditional dress, based on the area or fashion like the pom-pom hats of Black Forest or bollenhut to the thorough modern versions. There is nothing as such, like a tight pair of shorts, made of leather, which is worn at a pride festival in order to make a contemporary twist to the Bravarian lederhosen.